Qingming Festival rural tourism recovery, Chongqing is the top 10 rural tourism sources

On April 5, ctrip, issued the 2022 clear little vacation insight report, affected by the epidemic, the tomb-sweeping day holiday this year, in the province (city) mini-vacations, recent outing exchange-based, surrounding and local orders accounted for 88% of tickets, walk in the garden, park, camping, outdoor sports as the main way of travel, chongqing for ten strong rural tourism group.▲ Qingming Festival, top 10 rural tourism source cities.According to the report, “rural + experiential” tourism continues to be popular during the holiday, with rural tourism orders accounting for 20% more than before the epidemic, making it one of the tourism categories with the strongest recovery momentum.Among them, rural tourism around big cities is particularly popular, and the proportion of local residents booking accommodation in rural hotels reached 60%, up 35% year on year.Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Ningbo, Xi ‘an and Qingdao were the top 10 rural tourism source cities for Qingming Festival.From the perspective of rural tourism consumption, most tourists choose to embrace nature and enjoy the rare “outdoor freedom”.Ticket orders for outdoor sports attractions increased 66% from the same period last year.Among them, the top 10 most popular outdoor scenic spots during the Qingming Festival are mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing Pinggu Jinhai Lake, Siguniang Mountain, Valley of the Wind outdoor Park, Yunshang Grassland, Huanglong Scenic Area, Youlanshan · Fairy Tale Forest, Yulong Snow Mountain, Ink Stone Park scenic area, shenmu Base.Top 10 most popular outdoor scenic spots in China during Qingming Festival.Xie Xiaoqing, a senior researcher at Ctrip Research Institute, believes that the core of rural tourism is leisure tourism, which seeks a relaxed, pleasant and experience-based lifestyle and is closer to nature.The substantial warming of rural tourism economy has led to the rise of rural beauty lodge, camping, outdoor and other industries, and will further drive the sustainable development of urban suburban tourism.

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