The film version of the Return of the Condor Heroes will be filmed: network exposure cast, to destroy the classic?

Foreword: Ancient costume fairy drama “The Return of the Condor Heroes” has been remade many times by major directors, some ordinary and even left the audience “laughingstock”, some “immortal casting” let the audience feast their eyes, now it will be remade again.Louis Koo and Li Ruotong version of the return of the Condor Heroes is still beyond the classic, mention of “the most beautiful xiaolongnv” no one does not know Li Ruotong.Chen Xiao and Chen Michelle Xi’s version may have received mediocre reviews from netizens, but this drama has fostered their relationship and is one of the best stories in the history of the remake.It has been reported that renowned director Tsui Hark is promoting his Spring Festival film “Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake” while preparing for the new film “Return of the Conor Heroes”.It is reported that the movie “Return of the Conor Heroes” is expected to start in March, as early as a few years ago there were media said tsui Hark intends to re-model the classic, from that time inferred that the play has been prepared for 6 years, many online related media also exposed the casting of several main characters.”Tough guy in northeast China” Huang Jingyu plays the role of Yang Guo.In recent years, he has also focused on exciting Anti-Japanese War dramas and modern dramas assembled by idols. This wuxia drama “Return of the Condor Heroes” will be a new breakthrough for him.However, there are also many netizens who are afraid that Huang jingyu will ruin the classics, because huang’s overall temperament does not quite match Yang Guo’s.Yang Guo in The Return of the Condor Heroes has a sense of chivalrous spirit and a hint of cunning. Many netizens think huang jingyu is not suitable to play a role with a lot of heart through his performance on the variety show.It can be said that if his acting skills really improved, he would be able to digest the role, but it is difficult to achieve the desired effect from his last movie before the screen, Army Ace.However, many netizens said that huang’s “tough guy” image is so popular that it gives people the impression that he portrays the same character in every drama.Although Huang Jingyu is not the best choice to play Yang Guo, Tsui Hark’s style is always bold, his remake is basically just a play title, the content is very different from the original, choosing Huang Jingyu to play “Yang Guo” may really bring us a big surprise.Some media broke the news that xiaolongnv1 will be played by Wang Churan and Zhou also one of them, two are the momentum is flourishing “after 95 florets”, especially Zhou also with the boss Li Bingbing’s various matchmaking invitation.Zhou also played the role of A Xiang in The order of Mountains and Rivers, which made her a success. Although her performance in the play is assisted by the hero Gong Jun, she also fully demonstrates the character’s character of daring to love and hate.Xiaolongnu’s character in The Return of the Condor Heroes is described as “cold, pure and true” in three words, while Zhou’s performance in the movie Young You earned her the title of “cold and charming beauty”.Although Zhou’s appearance lacks a touch of “atmosphere”, she is not a “thick face” in the traditional sense, but this is also her natural advantage as xiaolongnu’s pure side.Xiaolongnu’s personality is cold due to her inborn life experience, while Zhou’s previous character is also partial to this style.Through her performance in various variety shows, we can see that Zhou’s private personality is very lively and cheerful, which is in line with xiao Longnv’s personality change when facing Yang Guo.Another leading actress, Wang Churan, who is best known for her role in the TV drama Qing Ping Le, is also better looking than Zhou.Zhou not only lacks the atmosphere and purity, she gives the audience the feeling of “pure goddess”, “first love on campus”.The E Jack Han, the e concubine she plays in THE TV series QingPing Le, has an unpleasant personality, but that doesn’t stop Wang from relying on her looks to attract fans.Wang Choran is similar to Michelle Chen in many ways, but their appearance is even more refined than Chen’s. Since their debut, most of the TV dramas they have starred in are historical costumes, so “beautiful and fairy” that even the villains are hard to hate.However, many people also reported that Wang Churan will co-star with Yang Yang in li Muge’s new drama “My Human Fireworks”, which is also expected to start shooting in March, do not know which drama Wang Churan will choose.The network is rumored tsui Hark version of the Return of the Conor Heroes, another female lead Guo Xiang will be played by Liu Haocun or Zhang Zimu, Liu Haocun Spring Festival film “The Four Seas” because of her boycott, although there is “negative traffic support”, but now choose Liu Haocun is easy to jump on the street.”Child star” Zhang Seed mu as a net friend grew up to look at what black material, acting after years of hone is also calculated in the rules not overturned.Chen Kun, who plays Guo Jing, and Zhou Xun, who plays Huang Rong, have also been revealed, but most netizens questioned whether they could pair a newcomer as they are both veterans of the entertainment industry.Except for the two “big stars”, other cast members exposed by the audience have been called “impossible”, but actually huang Jingyu, Wang Churan or Zhou ye’s positions have not reached the audience’s ideal.The epilogue is currently the choice of the major media speculation, but “The Return of the Condor Heroes” has reached the final stage of preparation before shooting, I believe that the official weibo will be announced soon.Do you want another remake of The Return of the Condor Heroes?– This article is original, unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited, infringement will be corrected.

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