“4+9” will be added in Fujian from 0:00 to 16:00 today!Track of new cases in Xiamen announced

According to the Health commission of Fujian Province, there were 4 new local confirmed cases in The province from 00:00 to 16:00 On April 6, including 2 asymptomatic cases in Quanzhou, 1 in Xiamen and 1 in Ningde, and 9 asymptomatic cases in Quanzhou.A new confirmed case has been confirmed in Xiamen.From 12 o ‘clock on April 5 to 12 o ‘clock on April 6, there was one new confirmed case of COVID-19 in Xiamen. The basic information is as follows: Case 31, identified by nucleic acid screening at a centralized isolation site, now lives in Dongfang Paris Community, Siming District.On April 2, the case was transferred to a centralized isolation facility as a close contact of confirmed case 26. The nucleic acid test results were negative on April 2, 3 and 4, and positive on the afternoon of April 5. The case was immediately transferred to a designated hospital for diagnosis and treatment, and was diagnosed as a confirmed case of COVID-19 (mild).The main activity tracks are as follows:Stop at AFolai Convenience Store (Oriental Paris Store) at 9:20 on March 30, take Bus No. 80 from Hudong Community bus station to Xiangyu Free Trade Zone bus station at 9:29, walk to Zunchenghui Auto Life Hall (Block B, Free Trade Times Square, No. 39, Xiangxing Road 4), drive to Xinfeixiang Motor Vehicle Testing Station (No. 33-2, Xiangxing Road 1) at 16:30.Return to Zunchenghui Auto Life Hall at 17:00, return home at 21:00, drive to a barbecue restaurant (No. 53-125 Longshan Middle Road) at 22:31, and return home at 23:59.On March 31, I arrived at Zunchenghui Auto Lifestyle Restaurant by taxi at 11:20, drove to Shuyou Seafood Zizzao (Bay Park Restaurant) at 19:11 and returned home at 21:05.Stop at Afulai Convenience Store (Oriental Paris Store) at 10:36 on April 1, then return home, walk to the nucleic acid sampling site of Vientiane City at 12:40 for sampling, complete sampling at 13:01, arrive at Zunchenghui Auto Life Museum by taxi at 13:20, drive to Hatian Branch of Zhaishang Bank at 16:00, return to Zunchenghui Auto Life Museum at 16:59.19:40 go to Yu Baofeng Boiled live fish (No. 73 Yi ‘ai Road), 20:05 stop at Wanka Convenience Store (No. 69 Yi ‘ai Road), 20:32 to 21:10 stop at SM City Square phase I Walmart and its adjacent toilet, 21:20 to 22:26 stop at Jifa Xiyue Community 8B,23:12 go to Fashion Meet Craft Brew (No. 13-25 West Jiangtou Road), stay until 0:48 the next day.If there is any overlap between the person and the case, please take personal protection immediately and go to the nearest sampling site for nucleic acid testing. Do not take public transport.At the same time, take the initiative to report to the community or work unit, cooperate with medical observation or health monitoring and other prevention and control measures.The general public is reminded to take further personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate, maintain social distancing, and cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in health management.Siming District CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention :5906390 Huli District Center for Disease Control and Prevention :5662806 Jimei District Center for Disease Control and Prevention :6289929 Haicang District Center for Disease Control and Prevention :6512842 Tong ‘an District Center for Disease Control and Prevention :7362711 Xiang ‘an District Center for Disease Control and Prevention :7886970Source: Fujian Provincial Health Commission and Xiamen Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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