There will be changes in the teaching profession, with principals and deputy principals deeply affected and individual districts already in place

Every parent wants to find a good school and a good teacher for their child, and spends a lot of energy, time and money to achieve this goal.However, the distribution of educational resources is not balanced at present. The educational resources are more abundant in developed cities, and teachers are willing to work in developed cities rather than in backward cities.In order to change this phenomenon, the education department has made a new policy.An investigation has been made that most of the students admitted to 985 and 211 universities come from rich families, and it is difficult for rural students to enter prestigious universities.This situation is directly related to the distribution of educational resources.As we all know, per capita income is high in developed cities. For example, teachers in Shenzhen and Shanghai earn a good salary, easily over 10,000 yuan per month.This is not the case in rural areas, where teachers earn only three to four thousand yuan a month.In addition, the transportation in rural areas is not convenient, the working environment is poor, and the teaching equipment is not perfect. Many young teachers are reluctant to work in rural areas, and those who stick to rural areas are old teachers. Some old teachers have limited teaching skills and poor ability to accept new knowledge, which leads to the disadvantage of rural students in the college entrance examination.It is because of these reasons that the teachers in rural schools become worse. Even if students want to study hard, it is difficult to become talents without the guidance of excellent teachers. Therefore, some people say that it is difficult to get rich children from poor families, and most of the students admitted to famous schools are urban students.Teachers industry will change, President and vice-chancellor deeply influence in order to change the situation of education resources distribution imbalance, let all students can receive high quality education, but also to encourage good teachers to work in rural areas, the Ministry of Education launched the “teachers’ rotational system”, after the implementation of this system, teachers industry will change.The so-called “teacher rotation system” means that teachers are no longer assigned to one school for life. After six years in one school, they have to work in another school, either in the province or in rural areas. Some developed cities have adopted this policy.After the introduction of this system, the salary and benefits of teachers will not change, but the place of work will change, until retirement.It is not only teachers who rotate, but also principals and deputy principals.If you’re six years away from retirement, you’re not on rotation.Some people become the head of a school and want to stay in an administrative position until they retire, but after the teacher rotation system is implemented, the principal and vice principal will not stay in the same school all the time, so it has a great impact on the principal and vice principal.After the implementation of this system, “famous schools” may disappear from the stage of history, because only schools with famous teachers can be called famous schools, and famous teachers also need to rotate their posts, which means that each school will have famous teachers to teach, and the gap between schools will become small, which is fair to students.At that time, the distribution of educational resources will be balanced, and with the guidance of excellent teachers, rural students’ scores will improve rapidly and they will be more likely to be admitted to good universities in the future.By doing so, we can ensure the fairness of education, so that all students can stand on the same starting line.Hearing the news, teachers sigh, but parents smile for individual teachers, the implementation of the system, the impact on the family is quite big.Some teachers have been used to a stable life and have families and children. If they work in other cities, they will have to work far away from home for six years, which will inevitably affect their families to some extent.Some teachers sigh after hearing this system, because they do not want to work in rural areas, it is difficult to adapt to the living environment and working environment there, but they cannot refuse.In fact, teachers do not have to worry, because the system is still in the trial stage, only a few areas have implemented this policy, in the process of implementation will find many problems, will continue to improve, if the future nationwide implementation, I believe that the difficulties of teachers will be taken into account, will not affect the lives of teachers.When parents hear this, they are happy and happy, because when their children go to school, they can receive better education, learn more knowledge from excellent teachers, and most of all, they don’t have to spend a lot of money and time to choose a good school.Finally, I would like to say that it is a good thing to implement the teacher rotation system. The gap between different schools will be narrowed. All students can receive high-quality education, and it will be easier for teachers to cultivate excellent talents.Teachers also do not worry, now only Shanghai and other developed cities have implemented this policy, the system is not perfect, when all provinces and cities have implemented this policy, I believe it will not affect the life and work of teachers.Interactive topic: Do you support teacher rotation system?Feel free to express your opinions in the comments section below.

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