Two old comrade-in-arms, spanning 70 years shake hands

Duan Fei, a 100-year-old veteran of Guoyang, meets his former comrade-in-arms Zhu Pengxiang at the Spring Festival Gala of Anhui TV, which was broadcast on Jan 30.After more than 70 years, two comrades who had gone through life and death together finally met each other again.In the program, the two elderly people from the side of the stage in wheelchairs slowly to the center of the stage, the two raised their right hands early, exchanged a military salute, and then firmly together.Looking at two people affectionately looking at each other, greeting each other, the audience under the stage already wet eyes with tears.Zhu Pengxiang, 94 years old, is a veteran soldier who participated in the battle of the original New Fourth Army, the fourth division, the 11th brigade and the 31st regiment.Duan Fei is a native of Lichangying village, Longshan Town, Guoyang County. He is 100 years old this year. In 1938, he joined the Anti-japanese guerrillas of the New Fourth Army with General Peng Xuefeng in Henan for many years.Last summer, Duan fei accidentally learned that his old comrade Zhu Pengxiang came to Guoyang, and he came up with the idea of meeting each other. Through the efforts of relevant personnel, the two old heroes finally met on the stage of Anhui TV’s Spring Festival Gala.During his time in the army, Duan fei served successively as a soldier, monitor, platoon leader and company commander of the Artillery company of the New Fourth Army.In 1938, Duan fei and two friends set foot on the road to find an Anti-japanese army.After three days and two nights on the run, they found the anti-japanese troops in Henan Yongcheng area, that is, the 18th Group Army, the eighth Route Army six teams, from then on duan Fei officially become an Anti-japanese soldier, with the then commander Peng Xuefeng, chief of staff Zhang Zhen in jiangsu Province, anhui area against the Japanese.Duan Fei participated in numerous battles, including the “Lianshui Battle”, “Laiwu Battle”, “Menglianggu Battle” and “Huaihai Battle”. Later, he was disabled due to injuries. After returning to his hometown in 1951, he volunteered to work as a farmer and later served as the secretary of the village branch for a long time.As a result of joining the New Fourth Army, Five of Duan fei’s family members were killed by kuomintang reactionaries.Over the years, Duan fei has sent 11 of his relatives to serve his country as soldiers.

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