Did Meng Xu ‘an like Feng Shizhen?Three things is the answer, but too bad

The truth is always hard to swallow.Rongjia always thought feng Shizhen can stand in his side.Even if he knows because of the fire in Wenchun, Feng Shizhen hate his father, but Rongjia feng Shizhen is different to himself.He also had heard, Feng Shizhen said to his brother like himself.But he was deceived.Meng Xu ‘an said to Rong Jia Feng Shizhen is one of their own moment, Rong Jia was obviously attacked.His eyes to Feng Shizhen began to be mixed with doubt, he did not know whether he should believe what Meng Xu ‘an said.A charity auction, and finally evolved into meng Xu ‘an and Rong Jia on the two people’s duel.All secrets are revealed on this day.Meng Xu ‘an always wanted to come back to the golden Kirin, was found hidden in hashimoto home.Rongjia refused to allow Hashimoto poem weaving to marry her requirements, there is no way to get her home in the gold Kirin.For this, rongjia is ready to use a charity auction, add a false gold kylin to solve this matter.In Mr. Yung’s eyes, the charity auction made no sense.Similarly, in the eyes of Meng Xu ‘an, the auction is just their best chance to deal with Rong Dingkun and Rong Jia.After Feng Shizhen left Rong’s house, he felt meng Xuan’s uniqueness more and more.She became wary of Mensure.On the other hand, Feng Shizhen has really fallen in love with Rong Jia.So, when she knew that Both Meng Xuan and Rong Jia shang would attend the auction, her intuition told her that Rong Jia Shang might be in danger.A woman is like this, once there is a person’s existence in her heart, her behavior will betray her heart, no longer hide.Feng Shizhen find friends Xiao Baoli, said she also want to go to the auction.However, what she did not expect is that Meng Xu ‘an also appeared in Xiao Baoli’s residence.Also from this moment, Meng Xu ‘an knew that Feng Shizhen had completely fallen in love with Rong Jia shang, and what he feared most had happened.Feng Shizhen meng Xu female companion came to the auction.Auction, the house up and down, all members of the Hashimoto family, as well as celebrities from all walks of life gathered together.Little did these people know that the crisis had enveloped them.Meng Xu ‘an was not interested in the golden Qilin at all. His goal from beginning to end was Rongjia shang, and the golden Qilin was just a cover.As to the target why is Rong Jia on, the reason is very simple is for his nephew Meng Nine.Meng Jiu is the child of Rongdingkun and sister Meng Qingzhi, Meng Xu ‘an wants to pave the way for this child to enter the home of rongjia.Rong Jia shang knew Meng Xu ‘an was not as simple as imagined, but he did not expect Meng Xu ‘an would be in the auction, blatantly to himself.Critical moment, Feng Shizhen blocked in front of Rongjia.From this moment on, Feng Shizhen broke with Meng Xu ‘an.Angry Meng Xu ‘an, directly told Rong Jia, Feng Shizhen has been helping his fact.In this way, There is no secret between Feng Shizhen and Rongjia.Faced with Feng Shizhen’s betrayal, Meng Xu ‘an seemed unable to accept it.Feng Shizhen is he personally taught out of the people, Meng Xu can not understand why she chose Rongjia at the last moment.Feng Shizhen not only blocked The assassination of Rong Jia Meng Xu ‘an plan, but also did not hide the fact that she has fallen in love with Rong Jia.Mensuran could not accept this.Although Meng Xu ‘an did not express his feelings clearly, three things show that he also liked Feng Shizhen very much.First, when Meng Xu ‘an first found Feng Shizhen, she was just a person with resentment but no ability of revenge. It was Meng Xu ‘an who molded Feng Shizhen into what he is now.When Meng Xu ‘an taught Feng Shizhen how to shoot, he once said, “I am not training you to kill people, but I hope that one day you can protect yourself.”A simple sentence, said their feelings.Meng Xu ‘an has been paying attention to Feng Shizhen after she entered the Rong family.He kept saying that if Vonshi was in real danger, he’d arrange for her to be evacuated.When there was an accident, Meng Xuan said, “I will not dirty your hands.”Meng Xu ‘an liked Feng Shizhen very much from the way they got along at first.Second, meng Xuan was defeated in a duel at the auction.At the last moment, he pulled Feng Shizhen to his car and returned home. Facing Feng Shizhen at this time, Meng Xu ‘an was almost mad.He made a clean breast of his secret.He tells how his sister was deceived by Rong Dingkun;He talked about the living environment of Meng Jiu;He talked about his once happy but finally fragmented home, everything is meng Xu ‘an’s heart hate, are rong Dingkun to pay the debt.Meng Xu ‘an had been planning for so long and was in this position, which shows that he must have been a careful person.But he almost lost his mind in front of Feng Shizhen, this is not only because of the assassination of Rongjia plan failed, but he will use this way to win Feng Shizhen’s sympathy and understanding.Meng Xu ‘an wanted Feng Shizhen to understand that he was doing everything because rongdingkun had committed a mistake that could not be forgiven.He tried to defend himself, which was the only thing mensure could do.Meng Xuan knew feng shizhen had compassion, and he wanted to take advantage of it.Telling feng Shizhen his secret and showing his truest side was the beginning of Meng Xu ‘an’s expression of love.Third, arrange Feng Shizhen to leave and try to retain him in this way.Meng Xu ‘an, after the outbreak, knew feng Shizhen had betrayed him emotionally, but he did not intend to give up Feng Shizhen.However, the relationship between the two people at this time is very awkward.Once the best partner, did not become enemies, but also can not stand together.Meng Xuan had to prevent Feng Shizhen and Rong Jia Shang from getting together.Meng Xu ‘an made a suggestion after the outbreak. He suggested that Feng Shizhen leave for a while and go to a new environment.In fact, this was meng Xuan’s way of trying to win back Feng Shizhen.He felt that time, the new environment can let Feng Shizhen forget Rong Jia.At that time, she will return to her side.Meng Xu ‘an liked Feng Shizhen and cared about her feelings.Even though she chose Rongjia at the most critical moment and ruined his plan, Meng Xu ‘an still did not want to lose her.However, in his choice for revenge and harm innocent time, Feng Shizhen has been more and more far from him.The character of Mensure is very difficult.He is a character who is ambivalent but also charming.Once he was a victim, he turned himself into the perpetrator.Also, emotionally, he likes Feng Shizhen and allows himself to have many women around him.What’s the difference between him and Rong Dingkun?

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