See Binhu Finance in the next 10 years!This year or for three more land, pearl River road south development accelerated

As the only construction area based on industry among the four major sectors of Binhu, the financial sector undoubtedly has a longer development cycle and is full of vitality.Nowadays, with the continuous filling of plate construction, the financial plate is also going to break through the bottleneck of the plate!First, the financial plate new house shortage, 3 new land burst!From the real estate aspect, financial sector options are really limited.Apart from the Binyu Listening Lake by ZHENro MediateK and kaisa Binhu and Ming, which still have a few listings, there is only lot 08 of pure New pan Land.Conservatory and because of this plot in 46 + normal double headquarters district advantage, not market estimates already have many customers at ~ but, as a “competitive quality” block, from the perspective of the scheme of land to submit and get full marks, green building samsung and so on various aspects quality promotion all full, which inevitably leads to high cost, blank price is 25433 yuan / ㎡,After the filing of decoration + assembly, it is expected that it may reach 30,000 /㎡. If it is in accordance with the bigotry of the large apartment…In other news, the financial sector plans to sell 3 plots of land this year, with a total area of 273.9 mu.1. Northeast of the intersection of Wuhan Road and Yulong Road, covering an area of 61.50 mu, the plot for residential, commercial and kindergarten is located in the financial sector, with relatively mature surrounding development and close to Poly Lafite Residence and Wanke City.3. Northeast of the intersection of Yunnan Road and Jialingjiang Road, with an area of 34.65 mu, residential blocks can be seen. Blocks 8 and 10 are also located in the financial sector, adjacent to duhui 1907, Binhu Yunjing and other communities.At present, xincheng, Vanke, Greentown Investment, Jinpeng and other housing enterprises have gathered in the plate, and the area has gradually developed and matured.Land supply this year, the blank price is expected to be slightly lower than the east of the province and the central axis of the province, which is expected to be 23,000 /㎡, plus the hardcover into the market, is expected to reach 27,000 /㎡.Overall, binhu housing prices have been from 24,000 / square meters, gradually stand 27,000 / square meters, part of the core of the core of the real estate, the price is 29,000 / square meters.Three, zhujiang Road South to build a scientific research center in the next 10 years to accelerate the outbreak!The current development of the financial sector is accelerating to fill, with the exposure of the pearl River Road South land planning, here will also become the value of the next 10 years to accelerate the outbreak!1. Compared with the old plan, the light yellow residential blocks are significantly reduced after the change, which are basically concentrated in the northwest corner of the south planning area of Zhujiang Road. It is worth mentioning that some of these residential blocks have already been started.2. The purple plot represents the land for education and scientific research, which is newly added after the original planning has not been changed. Besides, the distribution is relatively concentrated and the land area is not small.3. The earth and yellow land is a mixture of commercial and residential land, mostly distributed near the land for education and scientific research. It is expected to be sold as a normal commercial and residential land in the later stage, so as to form supporting housing and commercial living areas for relevant scientific research industry nearby.4. The red plot is the commercial service land, which is centrally distributed near the land for education and scientific research. It is expected that the supporting business center related to industry will be formed in the future.5, after the change of planning, the road network change obviously, the original planning of road network, square founder, echoes the binhu new area, and the new planning district retained rich water system, is also follows the river towards the main road, you can see, the new planning ideas, as far as possible to protect the original ecological resources, the living quarters of the people and the natural environment better interactive integration,Thus creating better industrial development space.According to the official weibo “Hefei release” published the article “Hefei strives to build a hundred billion science and technology market”, the article shows that from building a platform to forming a system, The transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Hefei has made certain achievements, the next step, Hefei will go through three years of hard work, and strive to build a hundred billion science and technology market by 2025.Among the specific measures, the article mentions “supporting the construction of achievement transformation park”.1. Issued special support policies to support Anhui Innovation Hall to build a hundred-billion-class anhui science and technology market, and held matching meetings of technology supply and demand and project capital.2. Accelerate the construction of the base for transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Anhui Science and technology Market and the Demonstration base for transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the G60 Science and innovation Corridor of Yangtze River Delta (Hefei).3. Encourage all counties (cities) and districts and development zones to build a number of distinctive demonstration bases and parks for the application of scientific and technological achievements in key fields and industries, with emphasis on key fields, trial and application, and “detonating” new industries and new forms of business with the application of new products (new technologies).Obviously, combining with the location of the lakeshore science City, the location advantage of Anhui Innovation Hall, coupled with the planning change, we can see that Hefei is playing a big chess, making people look forward to!So, this to the pearl River road south, to the lake, what does it mean?First, industrial construction.”Hundred billion science and technology market in Anhui” is the next goal of Hefei, which is also the development direction of Hefei to create a city based on science and technology. The transfer and transformation base of scientific and technological achievements built on this has a solid industrial foundation and policy endorsement behind it.For Binhu, it will greatly enrich the current development pattern mainly relying on finance and other related industries, and enhance the vitality of regional development.And it is worth noting that, different from the industrial development mode created by high-tech and Xinzhan, what is highlighted here is a kind of “achievement transformation”, which is likely to develop a complete set of business cooperation and exchange center with the combination of supporting commercial service plots.It is worth mentioning that these will also help Binhu declare a national new area.Second, talent drainage.This is the view held by many people during the construction of Binhu New Area in the past ten years. Of course, this view has weakened a lot now, but this is also because of the strong resource adsorption power brought by the relocation of the provincial government, so this model is difficult to replicate.Pearl River Road south area planning changes, will undoubtedly provide a stable and solid talent drainage for the future of binhu.In fact, we can see the government’s determination to make such a change by comparing the new and old plans. After all, if it is simply planning housing and selling land, binhu will not only have no trouble selling, but also sell at a very good price given the current land scarcity level.However, compared with the short-term visible land fiscal revenue, Hefei focuses on the long-term future, which is not the epitome of hefei’s development in the past decades

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