China’s snooker is out!Higgins narrowly beat Ding Junhui in the final, zhao Xintong once again rushed to the crown

On February 3, 2022, the snooker Champions League ended the competition in Group 7, the last winner’s group place, Higgins eliminated Ding Junhui 3-2 to advance, catch the last train, zhao Xintong, Yan Bingtao, Liang Wenbo, Bingham, Graham.With Dott and Scott Donaldson competing for the title, Ding junhui had a poor record against his top 16 players, losing 13 consecutive matches and not winning for 14 months.Six round robin end, Captain Carter, Higgins, Karen.Wilson, Ding Junhui advanced to the last four, O ‘Sullivan, Martin.Gould and Ritchie Walton were eliminated. Ding Junhui bowled 127, 70 and 63 in the semi-finals to eliminate Captain Carter 3-2 in five frames. Higgins bowled 77 and 62 to beat Karen 3-1.Wilson, Ding Junhui and Higgins for the championship.Higgins ranked sixth in the world, his career had 31 for ranking title, but also many times this season first runner-up, ding junhui decline to 30th at present, in a season best result is 16, although blowing ding junhui slightly better, but in the previous round robin stage, gold’s 3-2 win, ding junhui has time no more than a year before won 16 players,Suffered 12 straight losses.Team final 3 out of 5 sets, the first bureau gold stone that accurate long on hand, shot to 134 lead, higgins twice scored the second, red ball, failed to continue to attack, ding junhui, grasp the opportunity to complete qing shot to 101 also with color, four games in a row, ding junhui has single rod broken hundred, he through the practical adjustment,The state of the game is definitely better than before.In the third set, higgins took a 58-17 lead. Ding junhui scored 31 points and missed the simple blue shot in the bottom pocket. Higgins scored the super point and won 69-48. In the fourth set, Ding junhui scored 131 points to equalize.Eventually Higgins eliminated Ding Junhui 3-2 to advance to the winner’s group.Review process throughout the match, ding junhui or critical moment off the chain, accuracy is not good defense, no face difficulty ball attack force, the results to the higgins, eventually lose the game no team champion, and, more importantly, ding junhui’s record against former 16 players come to 13 in a row, although the overall performance are ok, but not solve the fundamental problem,Long set success rate is too low.Finally, the winners group, Zhao Xintong after the UK championship, Germany masters, for her third title of the season, Yan Bingtao and Liang Wenbo are also worth watching, next let’s look at the performance of the three Chinese players, and hope they can achieve good results.

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