Guanshanhu branch of Guiyang Ecological environment Bureau held a meeting of cadres’ work style and safety warning education

On the afternoon of March 25, Guiyang Ecological environment Bureau Guanshanhu Ecological branch held a cadre style purge and safety warning education conference, to further strengthen the ideological defense line of all cadres and workers style construction, long sounded the alarm of safe production.Meeting to convey the style of guiyang city ecological environment bureau in the city ecological environment system issues special purge mobilization and safety warning education conference spirit, the city, the district of guiyang city ShiFan related conference spirit to create the national government under the rule of law construction, the guiyang city ecological environment bureau to carry out the “agent, lazy, loose, soft, floating, push” work style problem special purge implementation plan “document spirit,Detailed arrangements were made for work style and discipline rectification from the aspects of focus, division of responsibilities, methods and steps, etc., and arrangements were made for the establishment of national demonstration city for the construction of government under the rule of law, investigation and rectification of risks and hidden dangers, handling of letters and visits and work safety.The meeting stressed that officials and workers at all levels should raise their ideological and political standing, always make great efforts to learn, examine, reform and govern with sincerity, constantly learn and innovate, constantly understand and make progress, conduct self-examination and self-examination, strictly reform and make real changes, identify the “root causes” and prescribe a good “prescription”.We need to maintain a friendly and clean relationship between government and business, stick to the bottom line and not cross the red line, improve our work style, adhere to the rule of law and enforce laws imhonestly, crack down on environmental violations, strictly regulate environmental law enforcement, identify and rectify potential environmental safety hazards, and handle public complaints and visits carefully and faithfully.The meeting requires that the cadres and workers of Guanshanhu branch should keep their responsibilities firmly in mind, carry them on their shoulders and grasp them in their hands, continuously promote the construction of style of work, and do a good job in the implementation of various work with high standards, high quality, high efficiency and strict requirements.We need to focus on our work, make a good combination of environmental supervision and law enforcement, and do a good job in daily environmental law enforcement supervision, handling letters, visits and complaints, rectification of problem lists and sales numbers, long-term control, scheduling and supervision with a pioneering spirit of dare to do, dare to think, and dare to try, so as to truly address the reasonable demands of the people.We should enhance the sense of urgency in study, maintain enterprise in career, improve the level of theoretical and professional knowledge, strictly observe the quality lifeline of ecological and environmental monitoring, and ensure the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of monitoring data.We should have a strong sense of urgency in the management of work safety in the industry, keep a close eye on the number of risk sources and risk points in the area under control, pay close attention to the flow of five types of radioactive sources, strengthen risk control measures, and resolutely curb the occurrence of environmental safety incidents.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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