When will the dance drama “Only this Green” start in Hangzhou?

Ballet “only the green” hangzhou stand is about “Trinidad Jiang Shantu author Wang Ximeng and modern ZhanJuan, until one thousand, when the young genius painter” Trinidad Jiang Shantu Wang Ximeng creation in this exhibition, he and the modern studying this painting ZhanJuan empathy, conducted a dialogue through one thousand.Source: spatio-temporal crisscross ticketing APP in the Yellow River as the turning point of narrative, let more people learn about the painting is like one thousand years ago, also let everybody understand the young talented painters Wang Ximeng, more let modern people understand the culture connotation, condensed in the paintings of the ancient and modern alternating deductive way, for the audience to create a beautiful picture of a scene.Since its premiere in 2021, Only This Green has won praise from numerous audiences, both online and offline.For many, This Is The Only Green is not simply a musical drama, but an unforgettable tribute to the artisans of countless countries through the ages.The dance drama “Only This Green” Hangzhou station is about to officially open, this time, will bring the audience different experience, let me give us to the scene look forward to it!

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