From being cheated to cheat others, he was the victim, became a criminal suspect!

Caught in the network brush single fraud trap, in order to recover the loss, not only do not report to the police, but join the gang become electric fraudsters.Chen, from Harbin, completed the transformation in just one day.But the good times did not last long, his electric fraud fortune dream was smashed by the police.On March 10, Harbin City Public Security Bureau Haping Road police station received city bureau anti-fraud center to turn clues: there is a man Chen is engaged in telecommunications network fraud criminal activities.In order not to startle the snake, the police decided to analyze and judge from the periphery.Chen did not have a proper occupation, but the recent financial activities are more frequent, the illegal operation of a number of bank cards under his name has been frozen, police analysis, Chen is very likely to be engaged in money laundering illegal criminal activities.On March 18, the police captured Chen.In the face of the police’s inquiry, Chen said his bank card transfer for others.Criminal suspect Chen mou at that time I found three cards, sent to him.Someone designated to my card money, others brush water brush to my card, a total of 80 thousand dollars.Although Chen and fraudsters brush money laundering, but more than a month ago, he is a victim.Police in-depth investigation, in Chen’s many wechat friends, a note for the “little sister” of the people attracted the attention of the police.In nearly a month’s time, Chen mou and this is called “little sister” the person not only contact closely, capital exchanges are very frequent, although every time the trade line only 1000 to 2000 yuan, but in half a month’s time, the number of bilateral trade actually as high as 48 times.It turned out that the person named “little sister” often issued a number of network brush advertising.In Chen mou’s view, just a point of attention, can earn two yuan, this money is quite easy to earn.Soon, Chen in accordance with the requirements of the other party to download a so-called operating platform, completed a dozen single, Chen was pulled into another group.The suspect, Surnamed Chen, downloaded a software and added a wechat account, which was followed by anchors at first, and the commission was 1.92 yuan to 2.22 yuan.Intermediate group is high commission, cast the word of 500 yuan, return commission 150 yuan, hair finished salary I cast 1500 yuan again later, cast after the software does not give me to carry cash, I feel I was cheated.Caught in the network brush single fraud trap Chen mou, in order to restore the loss, did not choose to report to the police, but to join the telecom fraud criminal gang, and through the provision of bank cards to do online cashier help money laundering profits.Harbin City Public Security Bureau Xiangfang branch Haping Road police station Guo Shusheng in the process of brushing, he was cheated, feel cheated after want to get the money back, to provide each other with a bank card number.He and the other party illegal suspects constitute a crime, brush single together.Seeing the money that had been cheated returned to his account and could continue to make money, Chen was smug about finding a quick way to get rich.To his surprise, the police soon got the clue that he was engaged in the crime and came to him.At present, Chen mou has been taken criminal compulsory measures by public security organs in accordance with the law, the case is being investigated.Source: News night flight

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