Hu Lin nucleic acid Collection “Baymax” walking on the road

Since the end of Last December, The city has carried out nucleic acid tests once a week.Twelve rounds of regional nucleic acid screening tests have been conducted.In order to ensure that no one was left behind, a group of medical staff dressed in clumsy protective suits worked in all weather and festivals to collect nucleic acid for the elderly and infirm. Their figures warmed the winter.Zhou Jingjing, Wang Xuechun, Huang Ying and other volunteers from the Community Health Service Center of Hulin city are among those who collect nucleic acid at home.In the area of responsibility, anyone who has a home must
Collect nucleic acid according to regulations.From December 2021 to now, in the severe weather of heavy snowfall in Hu Lin, they have to collect nucleic acid from 70 households according to the list every day on average.As the number of people returning home during the Spring Festival increased and the number of nucleic acid collection tasks increased, they collected nucleic acid from early morning to late night regardless of holidays.Some of the people who needed to go into their homes to collect nucleic acids lived in buildings of four or five stories
Live in a cottage area.Road conditions in bungalows are the most worrying, often taking ten minutes to walk a few hundred meters.The protective shoe cover itself is not skid proof, which makes walking on snow and ice more difficult.Fall during incoming nucleic acid collection
The situation from time to time, but they are not lightly injured in the line of fire, only shoulder that responsibility and bear.I am on duty for Spring Festival!This is not a slogan, but a practice.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, we meet a new round of regional nucleic acid testing. The “big white” people put on protective clothing in the unit and came to wang Nai in the depths of Hongxing Street in advance
Milk home.After knocking on the door for several times, there was no movement inside. The community worker took out his mobile phone to call the other party again.Grandma Wang in the house has been more than 80 years old, a physical action is not
Another had Alzheimer’s disease.We knocked on the door and made phone calls. Fifteen minutes later, the door finally opened and the couple successfully completed nucleic acid sampling.Lovely nucleic acid collection “Baygreat” people step by step on the road in the tiger forest, with the emaciated body to measure the land, with love to welcome spring.The reporter psoriasis

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