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Youzan (08083.HK) took the baton of Internet layoffs.Within less than three months, Youzan has gone through two rounds of lay-offs, with the proportion of lay-offs reaching 70%, involving thousands of people.On the last day of March, Silver Persimmon financial reporter came to the Youzan office building on Xixi Road, Xihu District.Just in the rainy season of Hangzhou no silk spring, gray sky and cold temperature, there is a tearless decadence in the air, the rain has not been able to completely fall down.The reporter is not completely close to have praise building, vaguely heard the passing line population is talking about layoffs.Outside the building, employees wearing “thumbs up” signs come and go, and it’s easy to identify the leakers in this round of layoffs, the ones carrying white bags with “thumbs up” signs.Yu Jie (pseudonym), who just finished his resignation procedures, told the reporter that there are two batches of lay-offs, one is like him to choose to leave today, and the other will leave on April 15.When asked whether the photos circulating online of boxes of returned work cards and neatly arranged computer monitors are real, Ke Yi (pseudonym) said, “The photos are real, and now we can see them in the company,” but she did not take photos.”About a dozen of the 30-strong group were laid off,” she said, adding that the layoffs were included in the company’s OKR (performance review) for 2022, with the majority of the cuts being made in middle and back office departments such as product and technology.”A team of eight or nine people has been cut in half, and the cuts involve the leadership,” said Dafei (pseudonym), a technician in the social e-commerce department who is the focus of the layoffs.”More than 300 people went in January, and about 1,000 will go this time.”Yu Jie, also a technician, pointed out that one of the graduates in his group had already signed a contract and was also facing termination.In Yu Jie’s opinion, who will be fired and how much is a game between leaders. “The team that wins the battle will stay. If there is only one person left in a group, there will be no reason for that person to stay.”According to Chen Li (pseudonym), the company has long drawn up the list of layoffs, and even the specific day of resignation has been arranged, “since this week, colleagues have resigned every day, until April.”Chen Li, who has been working in Youzan for more than a year, lit a cigarette on the roadside after going through the resignation procedures. “I have the intention of leaving, so IT is acceptable, but some people can’t accept it.”Yu jie, who has been on the job for even less time, caught up with the turmoil. He admits that it was “not very responsible to expand rapidly and then slash staff”, but he is more concerned about his “misjudgment of the company”, which led to “a little bit of my CV”.”There is no other way out,” said Dafei, although he is worried about the future employment environment. “The company needs to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and at least the layoffs are done honorably.”It is reported that youzan’s current round of layoffs follow the N+1 compensation process, and the company will still pay five insurances and one housing fund for those who leave on April 15.According to its latest annual report, Youzan had 4,494 employees at the end of 2021.”Now there are only 3,900 people in the company group, and today there may be about 100 people walking,” Keyi told reporters.White Crow, CEO of Youlike, pointed out in the earnings review that the company’s next goal is to “achieve positive cash flow with more than 3,000 likes”.On that note, layoffs could continue or end.Big Fei heard inside information that “there is expected to be another round of layoffs in June,” but he stressed that “this is just anecdotal information, not necessarily accurate, the specific will be adjusted according to the company’s business conditions.””The boat is too big, it’s hard to turn around.”In 2021, Uzan achieved operating revenue of 1.57 billion yuan, down 13.77% year on year;The loss expanded to 3.29 billion yuan. From 2018 to 2020, the company lost 839 million yuan, 916 million yuan, 546 million yuan respectively.As a domestic SaaS head enterprise, Youzan mainly aims at the B-side, helping merchants open stores on wechat or other platforms, and providing a series of products and comprehensive services.But it is essentially an e-commerce tool without its own traffic platform.Therefore, relying on wechat, Kuaishou and other platforms to develop and grow, once cut off, it will inevitably fall into an embarrassing situation.As white Crow mentioned in the rematch, Youzan, which once accounted for half of kuaishou’s merchants and trading volume, has been rapidly reduced in value and trading volume since Kuaishou e-commerce established a complete closed loop by itself and focused on its official policies.”Over the years, I have come to realize that a tool is a tool, and it can only improve efficiency,” said a merchant who has been using “Pocket Pass” (its predecessor) and contacted the vast majority of SaaS products on the market.There is a huge psychological gap between the actual expectations of a business and the so-called service that a tool provides.The success story of business profits is the success of products, strategies and operations, but not the success of tools.”In the financial report, Youzan’s development strategy for 2022 is to rationally arrange sales and R&D investment, strictly and finely control costs, so as to increase per capita output, improve operating cash flow and optimize operating results.In other words, after cutting back, open up.At present, the focus of Youzan open source is sales, which can be seen only from the point of cutting technology and retaining sales. At the same time, the recruitment website shows that the company needs posts, but also all sales posts.KIKO (pseudonym), a SaaS service platform sales told reporters, “This is ultimately a sales-oriented work, can pull businesses to buy services, mainly depends on the eloquence and negotiation skills of sales staff.”KIKO says his company’s sales force is 90 percent.By the end of 2021, sales and marketing staff accounted for 42%, while r&d and product staff accounted for 37%.From the downsizing and future recruitment trends, the proportion of its sales staff will continue to grow.Yu, however, is pessimistic about Youzan’s future. “The boat is too big to turn around,” he says.In more than an hour, the reporter contacted the employee who has left the company, mostly calm and calm.Among all the employees, Keyi has been praised for the longest time, with three and a half years. She even said in a relaxed and cheerful tone, “My colleagues in the company are good, the atmosphere is good, and I even feel good about leaving now.”As the bus approached, she smiled and said goodbye, “I have to go.”

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