Nanguang Town Central Primary School, Xuzhou District, Yibin City: New meteorological exhibition, new appearance and innovative achievements in the new semester

New starting point, new hope, standing on the new starting line, with full of enthusiasm into the work of the new semester, Yibin City Xuzhou District Nanguang Town Central Primary School will be more wonderful!Early planning of administrative work in the morning of February 13, Xuzhou District South town central primary school held the opening of the administrative work, the school principal put forward the idea of running a school in the new semester, development goals and specific measures.The vice principals in charge of the new semester respectively arranged the party building work, epidemic prevention and control, safety work, teaching and scientific research, moral education, logistics support, characteristic construction and other work.School departments to prepare for the opening of the relevant work.Party members and cadres play a demonstration of The Southern town of Suzhou District central primary school to party building as the guide, party members and cadres in the school management work at the same time, play “party members and teachers when the vanguard, stand good school first post” school work requirements, give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations fighting fortresses and vanguard role of party members.Logistics department party cadres to distribute the students’ new books to each class classroom, earnestly do good service for teachers and students.Safety logistics is the guarantee of teaching.Nanguang Town Central Primary school in Xuzhou District before the start of the school to the canteen, dormitory, teaching buildings and other equipment and facilities inspection, the safety and school security of each campus, to ensure that there is no omission of safety work, to ensure the smooth progress of school work.We have given priority to logistics, trained employees, and ensured that specific matters such as sanitation, food, procurement, books, teaching AIDS, tools, electricity and water are in place.Campus environment for a new appearance of the newly built mushroom cultivation room, planting “magic mushroom”, considerable, edible, scientific labor, to create a miracle.”Low-carbon environmental Protection, Turning waste into Treasure” environmental protection creative manual theme space, while rooted in the concept of environmental protection, let students use their hands and brains, pioneering and innovative!Dance performance stage, students reading bar with a new look to welcome the arrival of the new semester.Good luck with the New Year gift bag!Nanguang Town Central Primary School in Xuzhou district carefully prepared a special gift for the teachers, packed full of love and blessing bookmarks into small red envelopes.Red envelope game happy, happy New Year.Red envelopes are a custom for the New Year. Red symbolizes vitality, happiness and good luck. Sending red envelopes brings good wishes and good luck to our dear teachers.At noon on the day of returning to school, the canteen of Nanguang Town Central Primary School in Xuzhou District prepared tangyuan jiaozi, a symbol of happy reunion, and the fish soup with abundance every year.Everybody got together and had lunch.The teachers happily said: “the school gave us surprise and warmth, the stomach warm heart warm, we have more effort!”The New Year, we swagger, lit passion;The new semester, we are full of hope, set sail, the new journey, we live, tiger tiger live!(Contributed by Nanguang Town Central Primary School, Xuzhou District, Yibin City)

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