Ningjin County People’s Hospital: “Ecg network”, “life network” at your side

At 10:03 in the morning of January 18, a remote electrocardiogram performed by Meng Yanxiang, a doctor in Mengwa Health Clinic of Baodian Town, Ningjin County, attracted the attention of Li Hongjie, the director of the remote electrocardiogram duty doctor in Ningjin County People’s Hospital.Although the ecg performance is not typical, but with rich clinical experience and professional sensitivity, Li Hongjie’s first judgment is: acute inferior wall myocardial infarction!Out of caution, Li Hongjie immediately contacted Dr. Meng and informed him that the patient was suffering from acute myocardial infarction and needed to come to the hospital as soon as possible to receive cardiac vascular treatment based on the clinical manifestations of chest pain and tightness.Dr. Meng immediately contacted the transfer patient and arrived at the emergency Department of Ningjin County People’s Hospital. Li Hongjie guided the patient in the whole process and called the chest pain center to activate the catheter room.As expected!Emergency cardiac angiography corresponds exactly to the ecg diagnosis of acute blockage of the right coronary artery.The drug balloon quickly opened the blocked blood vessel, the patient’s chest pain immediately relieved, “electrocardiogram net” once again completed the rapid rescue in the golden time window of acute myocardial infarction.(Wei Wei Chen)

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