This killer is not very calm, the movie reviews are mixed, what is the problem?

Article | tail demon find warm prompt: this article has revealed the plot, afraid of see friends said the plot, see I no reveal plot compliment the other.I admit that there are some groups of people who will deliberately blacken a star or movie for some benefit…Because of this phenomenon and the existence of groups, as ordinary moviegoers, do not have the right to express their personal preferences?I find unreasonable “bug” in the TV series that I am a “black fan”, “water army”.I went to the cinema to see The Killer is not too cool. I thought it was good and praised it.Still, some people called me a “water army” and even said, “I advise you to be kind.”Do you like others must like, don’t like is “black powder”?What you don’t like proves that the work itself is not good. What you praise and like is “water army”?Everyone has different levels of education, personal preferences, personality and humor.Why do you make everyone feel the same way you do?If your viewing Angle and appeal are different, and your preferences are different, you should call the other party “water army” in your eyes.Excuse me: where is your pattern?Keep the similarities and differences, okay?I didn’t force everyone to like my favorite movies.You may not like it, but you have no right to question my taste.I went to check the douban ratings.The Killer is Not Too Cool has a 6.7-to-66 rating on Douban.Average: 23%.Bad review: 11%.What is the reason for the mixed reviews?I wrote an unrevealing, flattering article called “The Killer is not so cool.”The first reason FOR my praise is the main reason for the bad reviews.My four points of praise are as follows: The structure and plot setting of the whole story are very clever.The joke point is dense, every joke point is in line with the plot, in line with the people, never pretentious.The main, supporting play live their own role, character motivation, reasonable.The story has a relaxed rhythm and is not always funny.Because I agree with the script structure of The Killer, I feel that every character’s motivation is reasonable and every joke fits the plot and the design.When you agree on the structure of the story, it makes sense.If you don’t even agree with the structure and direction of the story.Then, you will find the actor’s performance grandiose and illogical.So, what’s the structure of the show?Let’s take a look at the story line and the story points.1. Killer Carl wants to kill a mob boss. No one’s ever seen him.2. Ma Li played the female star offended the gang boss, happened to know that the gang boss looking for Carl, falsely claimed that Carl is his fans, forced to find someone posing as Carl.3. The star’s brother (Huang CAI Lun) is a small director, just eliminated a no acting, even brain abnormal extras: “Wei Xiang” played a small role.4. Wei Xiang wanted to prove his acting skills, so he once again turned to huang Cailun, a young director.The female star “Ma Li”, counterplot, using “Wei Xiang” played “Karl” to deceive the gang boss.The plot is funny: when the small actor “Wei Xiang” in order to prove his acting skills, he designed some strange plot, appeared in front of the “gang boss”.The audience knows him as “the impostor,” “The boss of the Mob,” and others don’t.”Wei Xiang” this small role does not know, so he does not know fear, immersed in their fantasy, design of the “killer”.The story lines, the composition of the story points, and the actors’ superb acting.Including the control of the characters, and you think the show is really funny.On the contrary, if the audience does not accept this most basic premise.He could not be immersed in the kind of “strange combination of circumstances”, “audience know”, “Ma Li know”, “Huang CAI Lun know” and including “Wei Xiang” people do not know.We see in front of the “Karl” is not like a top killer, more like a “psycho”.That gap, and how different people feel about it, and the “ripple effect” of “doing what you have to do,” and “being on the sidelines and seeing what’s going on,” is particularly interesting.When you watch the movie, you don’t agree with the structure, the storyline, and you can’t “enjoy it”.Cause and like this movie friends, have completely different feelings.By extension, when I recognized the story structure, I recognized the “character” of the roles played by the actors, and I felt that their every action, expression and line were logical and consistent.All of the jokes are built around the “basics” of the story and come naturally.Even, I think Wei Xiang is playing the role of “Karl” killer. He is immersed in the “illusion” set by himself. What is the “killer” role created by him?I would find his performance more vivid and layered than that of the male lead in Japanese dramas.On the contrary, all the things I like will become “pompous” and “ignorant” in the eyes of the person I don’t like.The only fly in the ointment is the ending “play within play” setting.From the perspective of drama, the story structure of “play within a play” is a very common and clever setting.However, from my viewing point of view, there is a little regret.Because I feel like if it’s all an act, it’s a play within a play.Then everything is “false”, I will feel like a “fool”, there is a kind of unsatisfied and unwilling feeling.Am I looking at a “lonely”?But before the plot setting, and the performance of the actors, I really like.I don’t want to negate everything because of an ending.I think the ending will be as uncomfortable for other viewers as it is for me.Conclusion: whether you like it or not.Have the right to say what they like or dislike.You can state why you like or dislike it.Please do not think that your point of view is not the same as “black powder” or “water army”.I like “The Uncool Killer” from the bottom of my heart.Even if the ending is handled, from my viewing point of view, a little regret will not affect my overall perception and evaluation of the film.This movie, we deserve to go to the theater to feel that joy.
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