Waste “surrounded” mesh fitness equipment clever solution residents praise

“Grid member” is the bridge between the community and residents, in the face of neighborhood disputes, to timely and accurate understanding of the situation, resolve conflicts, reduce unnecessary conflicts between neighbors, is the grid duty and bounden responsibility.On March 16, in the early morning of taiyuan Wan Bailin area wide community resident liu 31 floor reflected, we an old man for a long time to pick up all kinds of scrap heap on the floor near the south fitness equipment, also the bicycle lock on the equipment, other people can’t in this exercise, sending out the smell of various compounds, also affected the normal passage of other residents,And there are certain security risks.As the weather became hotter, the smell of the waste pile became stronger and stronger. The residents repeatedly reminded the old man, but the old man did not listen to the advice. In desperation, the residents reported to the community grid member, hoping to solve the problem.Grid member after understanding the situation, immediately to the residents reflect the location, find the waste pile of the party Zhang uncle.Uncle Zhang usually has the habit of picking up waste, every time if they wait for the accumulation of more to sell together.For a long time, the neighbors are dissatisfied with this, although many times to persuade, but Uncle Zhang still “go his own way”.Grid member patiently enlighten Uncle Zhang to pile up garbage impact health, and the existence of security risks.The old man said that picking up waste can be sold for money, but also exercise.Seeing that the old man still did not want to clean up the waste, the grid member started from the neighborhood and guided the old man to think differently. It was better to be a close neighbor than a distant relative. At ordinary times, neighbors were eager to help him when he had any big or small feelings.After hard persuasion, the old man finally promised to clean up the waste piled up near the fitness equipment and said he would not pile up the waste any more. The contradiction caused by the waste pile was resolved, and the residents of the building also expressed their gratitude to the grid members.

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