Flowers need not buy fat, homemade 4 kinds of “flower fat”, nutrient comprehensive, what flowers can be used

Flowers do not need to buy fertilizer, homemade 4 kinds of “flower fertilizer”, nutrients, what flowers can be used in the family, if you do not fertilize, when the nutrients in the pot soil can not meet the growth of flowers, the growth of the plant will be worse and worse, affecting the normal growth and flowering.And many flower friends do not grow many flowers at home, usually do not go to buy the habit of flower fat, so lead to all kinds of flowers are not flourishing, flowering is not enough.In fact, the home flower is less, and raise in the yard, you can also do not need to buy flower fertilizer, their own production of flower fertilizer, nutrient is also very comprehensive, can give the home of all kinds of flowers.Peel fermented flower fertilizer would involve during the Chinese New Year to eat all kinds of fruit, can eat the skin and core collection, like banana peel, orange peel, and apple peel, etc., it collected large plastic, mixed with some garden soil mix inside, too dry spray some water, and then seal fermentation a few months, when it decays, the soil becomes black,It has become a very good organic fertilizer, when raising flowers, some of them are mixed in the basin soil, which can make flowers grow more exuberant and bloom more bright-coloured.All kinds of fruit in addition to direct fermentation organic fertilizers, can also be made into fertilizer liquid, the method is simple, all kinds of skin after chopped into bottles, coupled with the clear water, sealed fermentation, a few months later can use fermentation skin water water water the flowers, can complement nutrient flowers, plants thrive.Expired milk, rice water if there is no flower fertilizer at home, you can make organic fertilizer, but organic fertilizer will have peculiar smell after fermentation, only suitable for the use of flowers in the yard, indoor flower or inorganic fertilizer is better.Make the simplest organic fertilizer liquid is expired milk and Amoy rice water, expired milk in the home, or water left by Amoy rice, can ferment it into fertilizer liquid for flowers supplement nutrients.Also can pour expired milk and Amoy rice water ferment together, ferment is good later, can add clear water to take to pour the flowers such as green luo, chlorophytum, caviar, jasmine, often pour a few such acid water to flowers, can let their leaves become thick green brightness, and still can improve soil, be helpful for flowers to grow and blossom.Egg shell do flower fat egg shell is rich in calcium and phosphorus elements, is also very helpful to the growth and flowering of flowers, in the process of flower cultivation, also often see some people will put egg shell into the flower pot, for flowers to supplement nutrients.Egg shells do have the nutrients that flowers need to grow, but putting the whole egg shell in the pot doesn’t help. It’s still in the pot, and the flowers can’t absorb the nutrients.Want to do flower fertilizer with egg shell, had better wash the clear liquid that remains inside eggshell clean, after drying in the sun below, hit powdy again, when making up flower earth, can mix inside a few egg shell broken end, perhaps apply a few eggshell fertilizer for a few flowering kind flowers, can let plant blossom more and more bright-coloured.Bone powder fat often flower friends know that flowering flowers, from the differentiation of flower buds to pregnant buds bloom, the demand for phosphorus elements is more, that is, to add some phosphorus fertilizer to it, can make it bloom more.And we usually eat various kinds of bone, is rich in phosphorus, so, at ordinary times can also be discarded kitchen all sorts of chicken duck fish and rib bones collected, put it in the water soak for a few days more, soak out the bones of salt inside, with a pressure cooker, and then dried in the sun, flowers after smashing into bone meal.Bone powder fertilizer suitable for raising the blooming of flowers, such as Chinese rose, jasmine, bougainvillea, macrobian flower, flower in the plant before, give it on some of this meal, can promote a large number of flowering plant, can also keep flowering time longer.If you want to know more about flower growing, please pay attention to the garden and share your flower growing experience every day!(Some pictures in the article come from the network, if there is infringement contact delete)

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