Nai Xue insists on quality tea: make “a good cup of tea” and keep the original intention

With the upgrading of consumption structure, the consumption concept of the youth group has gradually changed, paying more attention to the quality of life and consumption experience.Different from traditional tea drinks, quality tea drinks are more in line with the tea needs of the current new generation of consumers.As the leading brand of new tea drink, Nai Xue tea always insists on making quality tea drink, strictly controls the raw materials and production process, meticulously polish each product, and strives to improve consumers’ quality of life.According to Peng Xin, tea founder of Nai Xue, the most important element of new tea drinks is tea.In order to find good tea that meets their own requirements and standards, Peng Xin and her research and development team went to various tea producing areas in China, visited tea mountains and sought advice from famous experts. Once, they even drank tea from 9 am to 11 PM.”Tea suppliers are saying they won’t do our business.”Peng Xin said half jokingly.It is with this for the user to do “a cup of good tea” of the original heart, nai snow mining won the “national jasmine tea quality gold medal” jasmine snow, won “China Taiwan winter tea first prize” nai snow dew, Chaoshan phoenix single plexus “duck shit sweet” and many other famous tea raw materials.At the same time, in order to ensure the taste of the tea soup, the tea soup in the store is strictly renewed every 4 hours, regardless of the cost of raw materials, but also to ensure the high quality of the product.In addition to the famous tea raw materials as the tea base, as the pioneer of fresh fruit tea, Nai Snow in the selection of fruit is also a full effort.Take last year’s baqiyu orange as an example. After several rounds of attempts, the r&d team went deep into the producing area of the orange and selected chaoshan sweet seed orange as the main raw material, which has a slight degree of astringency and a more rapid and lasting recovery of sweetness.In addition, Naisue has also launched baqi cherries with 17 JJ grade cherries, and baqi waxberry made of dongkui waxberry, which is the size of a ping-pong ball, and so on.Every good consumer experience comes from Nai Xue’s unremitting pursuit of high-quality raw materials.In order to ensure the supply of high-quality raw materials, Nai Xue adheres to the deep cultivation of the supply chain, and invests and builds exclusive tea gardens, orchards and gardens in many places across the country.At the same time, the company has established partnerships with more than 250 well-known raw material suppliers to maintain the uniqueness and stability of products from the source.In the past, milk tea made with syrup, essence and tea powder in the tea industry enriched people’s taste experience, but became a synonym for cheap and sub-health.On the basis of natural and high-quality tea base, Nai Xue tea further infuses the concept of health into the product innovation process, with fresh fruit instead of syrup, high-quality tea instead of tea powder and tea powder, fresh milk instead of creamer, adhere to the lower sugar formula, to bring consumers more diversified health product experience.Nai Xue tea is not only the first new tea brand to introduce cold brewed tea, but also the pioneer of fresh fruit tea with cheese and milk, which combines fresh and natural fruits with high-quality tea and innovates.According to the person in charge of Nai Xue tea, in order to ensure consumers’ quality experience, Nai Xue tea uses digital means to collect user feedback, and insists on continuous optimization and iteration of all products.In the case of its acclaimed bayberry, Nai Xue further selected varieties of bayberry and doubled the amount of flesh based on the feedback from customers in the first year. In the third year, nai Xue added manual pit removal service.Every time the product is carefully polished, consumers can bring the satisfaction of being valued.As users demand rising in recent years, nai snow tea to highlight the concept of “healthy diet”, the more diverse healthy options into consumers’ hands, such as “yogurt”, “less sugar” and other customization options, plus “bums” and “sugar” 0 card such as new ingredients, let the consumer can rely on his own willingness to customize healthy tea.While not affecting the fat reduction plan, it can also satisfy the taste buds of the tongue and greatly improve the quality of life of young people who love sweets.In the new consumption era of booming new tea market, quality is still the core competitiveness of tea brands.In the future, Nai Xue will continue to adhere to the original aspiration of quality tea, provide users with healthy, sustainable and high-quality products with a sense of experience, and continue to lead the sustainable development of the new tea market as a head brand.

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