A method by which files such as video pictures on a mobile phone are projected onto a TV

Firstly, the mobile phone and THE TV should be connected to the same WiFi network. Some videos can be directly projected to the TV, such as the video on Youku. You can click the TV icon on the video playing interface to realize the screen projection.You can screen documents, pictures, music and web pages on your TV, and install multi-screen interactive software on your mobile phone and TV.Opened the screen more interactive, click on the “tools”, click on the “mobile phone mirror” screen interactive interface in open new interface 1 click “open cell phone mirror”, more interactive interface screen 2 at this point, the mobile phone will show can connect equipment, such as does not display, you can click on a “search” at the bottom of the interface, click to connect to TV, more interactive interface screen 3 at this time,Click “accept” on the TV, and the phone is mirrored on the TV.Multi-screen interactive projection screen mobile phone video, pictures, web pages and so on can be viewed on the TV.

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