Hard alumina is what material pledges, why is present outdoor pot being used

Why do we want to introduce the hard alumina today, because the outdoor pot recommended by Dongge and the outdoor pot sold in our store are hard alumina material, so after consideration, Dongge feel it is necessary to popularize.Before, some people said that aluminum is harmful to human body, so whether it is harmful or not, I will not tell you here, interested can go to check the information.Aluminum is actually a very good material, it is particularly light, and the hardness is quite high, so it is used in a wide range of fields, including all kinds of cooking utensils used in our home, I still remember when I was a child in the home of a pot is pure aluminum pot, now still in the home, but no longer.Well, hard oxidation full name is the hard anodic oxidation treatment, specific how to respond, we don’t need to know, we just need to know, after a hard anodic oxidation of aluminum and the aluminum coating layer of the hard anodic oxidation film thickness of 50-80 um, actually aluminum under normal circumstances will also produce a layer of oxide film, only the membrane is thin,It is only 2-3 nanometers, whereas membranes can reach 0.5-25 microns by anodizing and 25-150 microns by hard anodizing.We can see that the hard anodic oxidation treatment can greatly improve the thickness of the film, but also improve the hardness and corrosion resistance of aluminum.Through anodized aluminum, the application is very wide, the highest end is the use of aviation equipment and some parts of outer space equipment, on the other hand, we can also see that after anodized aluminum, stability is relatively high.Anodic oxide film is a deep hole in the microscopic shape, a bit like a stand with a pencil, and then the pencil lead is not, this pencil is 50% of the thickness and the aluminum together, also known as barrier layer, the outer protective layer, typically some non-stick coating, we say to the oxide layer is above the smoke to pencil lead pencil,And the non-stick coating is going to flow down this hollow, and it’s going to latch onto the membrane, and it’s going to be very strong.And the conventional non-stick coating is 2-3 layers, it is this layer of protection, alumina POTS when cooking, food and aluminum contact.See here, we will certainly have a certain understanding of alumina carbide, in a word, although the outdoor pot is made of aluminum, but after hard anodized pot, is very safe, but also very light.Dongge here to remind you that the outdoor pot will generally have 2-3 layers of non-stick coating, when we are cooking and cleaning, try not to use metal spatula to collision, especially can not use steel wire ball friction pot body, which will destroy the non-stick coating, if the non-stick coating damage, the future cooking experience will be greatly reduced.

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