Li Jing, who has been on the CCTV Lantern Festival party for two times in a row and left Deyun Society for 12 years, why is she getting better and better

In September 2008, cross-talk performers Xu Delliang and Wang Wenlin announced their retirement from Deyun Society, which was the first such event since deyun Society was founded.In this regard, Mr. Zhang Wenshun also specially let his disciple Zhang Dewu issued a statement for him.He mainly explained his relationship with Xu Deliang, and the original intention of setting up the Deyun Society with Guo Degang, and finally took back the word “de” of Xu Deliang and kicked it out of the family tree.Because of this incident, the internal contradictions of deyun Society gradually emerged.On February 16, 2009, Mr. Zhang Wenshun, one of the founders of Deyun Society, died, at which time Guo Degang and Li Jing took charge.As crosstalk grew in popularity, crosstalk performers in Deyunshe began to diverge over their interests.But under, Guo Degang can only carry on the system reform to deyun society, by the apprentice system change company operation mechanism.But this point was strongly opposed by Li Jing, after all, Li Jing is also one of the founders, has an absolute say.But I do not know why, Guo Degang did not listen to Li Jing’s advice, this let Li Jing is very dissatisfied, but also caused a lot of members of the opposition.On August 5, 2010, Li Jing and He Yunwei announced their withdrawal from Deyun Society.It is said that at that time he Yunwei and Guo degang because of interest, but Li Jing kept silent.Li Jing’s withdrawal, Guo Degang pushed into the center of the storm, after all, they were together too tired, now everything is better, Li Jing has quit, will inevitably let the netizens point at Guo Degang.Then Cao Yunjin’s birthday banquet, let Guo Degang completely cold heart.After the Deyun Society suffered a series of setbacks, Guo Degang began to carry out a comprehensive rectification of the Deyun Society. Gradually, an organized, disciplined and regulated Deyun Society gradually appeared in front of everyone.After several years of development, crosstalk has penetrated into thousands of households. Under the leadership of Guo Degang, many excellent crosstalk performers have emerged.Such as Yue Yunpeng, Sun Yue, Meng Hetang, Zhang Helun and so on.Yue Yunpeng, in particular, has been favored by CCTV many times.Compared with the deyun Society today, how did those who left?Cao Yunjin needless to say, rarely see his commercial performance, probably with the accumulated wealth before the rest of life.He Yunwei, Liu Yuntian and other people, already unknown, only The career development of Li Jing let a person feel unexpected.Li Jing quit deyun Society that year, with humor and talent, in the film industry is also the wind and water.He has participated in the founding of the Party, Things Are Not Good, A Warm Hug, An Ideal over China, and so on. His resources are as good as those of regular actors.At the same time, the old crosstalk is never abandoned.It has performed on the 2011 Spring Festival Gala and 2015 Spring Festival Gala, and has performed on other stages in recent years.All kinds of comedy variety shows, he will often appear.Even this year’s CCTV Lantern Festival gala, which Deyunshe failed to attend, made Li Jing shine.You know, CCTV can board the stage of the program and actors, not only represents the RECOGNITION of CCTV, but also can make their career to a higher level.12 years, perhaps The development of Li Jing, let Guo Degang unexpected!But the same is to leave the Deyun society, why li Jing more mixed better?Actually, it depends on a person’s character and talent.Cao Yunjin, He Yunwei and others left deyun Society for reasons related to interests.But Li Jing’s reasons for leaving are different.In an interview, Li revealed some of her reasons for leaving deyun Society.The reason why I left was that the system of Deyun Society was changed, which made many crosstalk performers lose their original atmosphere.Guo Degang is the lead.It should be noted that deyun Society was originally gathered here for art, and now it has become guo degang’s “private property”. According to Li Jing, it has been divorced from the original intention of that time.Because of dislike guo Degang’s practice, just decided to leave.Although she left deyun Society, Li Jing never spoke ill of Guo degang like Cao Yunjin, which improved li Jing’s image and quality a lot, so that she gained good popularity and public praise.The point is that Li Jing does have real skills.His allegro level can be said to resound throughout the art world.Therefore, with this series of advantages, Li Jing has become a regular CCTV stage, career is thriving.And also boarded the CCTV Lantern Festival party for two consecutive years, even Guo Degang Yu Qian did not have this kind of treatment.Especially this year’s CCTV Lantern Festival party, Li Jing and singer Zhou Bichang, Zheng Yunlong and others, played a cross talk, its comedy effect, the scene atmosphere is very good.As it turns out, strong people shine wherever they go.Some of the crosstalk performers from Deyun Society are equally outstanding, but only Guo degang knows the specific reason why he was excluded from the CCTV stage this year.Maybe because of wang Mengting, or other reasons.However, deyun Society is no longer the small group it used to be, and no “storm” can shake its current social status.As for Li Jing, why does she still insist on the development of art? Maybe it is to let more people get more happiness from the cultural atmosphere of crosstalk.Now, Jiang Kun has appeared on the CCTV stage, Li Jing has appeared in the CCTV Lantern Festival gala for two consecutive times, and only Guo Degang has gradually “disappeared”, perhaps indicating that artistic development is the future of crosstalk.

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