Anhui college entrance examination sports specialized course unified examination postponement held

On April 8, The Education and Enrollment Examination Institute of Anhui Province announced the postponement of the 2022 unified physical education examination for colleges and universities in Anhui Province.Details are as follows:Given the current COVID – 19 the epidemic situation in our province, in order to ensure the security of test takers and involved exam personnel health, research, 2022 sports professional course of common colleges and universities in anhui province were held unified exam normal time delay by scheduled on April 21 to May 6, the examinee on April 26 in the future, please pay attention to the provincial education admissions website and WeChat toefl public,Check the test batch and related requirements, and log in GKBM. three days before the test batch to print the admission ticket and obtain the specific test time.Please strengthen the awareness that each candidate is the first person responsible for his/her own health, improve self-protection and health literacy, consciously cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the local area and group examination, and do not leave anhui or go out of the city when it is not necessary.At the same time, for the examination time adjustment, scientific training, active adjustment, to the best state of preparation.Xin ‘an Evening News Anhui network big Wan news reporter Zhang Xiaorong

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