Huai ‘an civil servant: master the skills of summarizing the answer to explain the preparation for the examination more efficient

Explain in officeholder exam one of course as must take an examination of, to examinee integral result influence is major, how to explain explain in prepare for an examination of better hold answer skill, let us look next!In the essay examination usually contains several kinds of small questions, such as summary, put forward countermeasures, comprehensive analysis and document writing, master the essay answering skills, will make their essay preparation more efficient.Let’s look at how to answer this kind of questions: 1.Note that the main points of the answer to the summary need to be drawn from the material, do not depart from the exposition material;2 try to extract the key words in the material, the biggest characteristic of the essay examination is the word limit, so to list the core keywords and ensure smooth statement, in line with the principle of tread points answer;3. The comprehensive generalization ability needs to be improved, that is, the colloquial content in the material can be properly summarized to make the language concise;4. When there is a case in the material, it is necessary to attract the attention of the examinee. There may be key points behind the case;At the same time, attention should also be paid to the description of scene statements in the material.5. Grasp the material logic of the argument, clear material logic can help candidates efficiently comb out the key points of the answer;6. Focus on views of speech, such as the material appears in a technical guidance staff said, there may be answers behind the point of view, candidates need to determine the specific combination of questions to ask the method.In view of the sixth point, the analysis of the sample problem is as follows: material: Zheng Dan:Here, I’d like to add that I have participated in our industrial park several electric business professional training organization, the content of the lecture teacher speak barely changed, the lecture to set up shop is preparatory work, set up shop process, shop based content such as primary operation, and I need to know most of brand promotion, marketing system construction such as knowledge, there is no offer, are now too lazy to go to.According to the materials, please point out the main problems existing in the development of e-commerce industrial park in B town.Requirements: comprehensive, accurate, organized, no more than 200 words.The specific analysis is as follows. According to Zheng Dan’s point of view in the materials, the problems of the e-commerce industrial park are as follows: the training content of the industrial park is repeated, which is not well targeted and not practical enough to meet the real needs of merchants.Summary: in the process of explaining the answer, to pay attention to the details more, so you need to adhere to the examinees do exercises, accumulation of experience, in explaining the preparation for an examination to have insist castle peak does not relax perseverance, in order to succeed, I hope you examinees can win.Article/Huaian Public Education public account

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