Ningcheng county public transportation survival difficulties

According to a bus driver in Ningcheng County, in recent years, with the increase of private car ownership, the local county public transport industry has caused a huge impact, can only follow the market demand to constantly optimize the service and strive to protect residents to travel requirements, but in recent years, Ningcheng County has a large number of taxis five seats into eight seats,In the bus station and line to grab passengers, shout passengers, fight passengers and other ways to disrupt the normal operation of the bus order, resulting in bus operation difficulties.Ningcheng County People’s Government Office replies:Ningcheng county has made cruise the taxi business license operators in the update of the vehicle, the county traffic transport in strict accordance with the regulation on administration of tour the taxi business services article 52 in the first paragraph, “ningcheng passenger taxi management interim measures”, paragraph 1 of article 3 of the taxi operators in the update vehicle,Passenger vehicles with seven seats or less must be used to provide travel services for passengers.For vehicle overcrowding problem, county traffic and transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade in the daily supervision and inspection process, such as taxi overcrowding behavior, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions handed over to the public security department for handling.Ningcheng County public security, traffic departments in strict accordance with the “Ningcheng County Transportation Bureau, public Security Bureau about printing &;Hit the road passenger transport and taxi illegal operation of the rectification of action > notification “(ning handing in [2021] no. 204) documentation requirements, adhere to the principle of joint governance, snookering, administration according to law, the increase of road passenger transport and taxi operating illegal behavior and cruise the taxi violation of irregular operations,Effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of operators and the masses, maintain the county road passenger transport and taxi market fair competition order.

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