“Sky-high cabbage” is the top punishment, warning against looting during the epidemic

An ordinary cabbage can be sold for 77.9 yuan after being sorted and packaged.As Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work enters a critical moment, some businesses have taken the opportunity to raise the price of daily necessities such as meat, eggs, milk and fruits.On March 26, Shanghai Takashimaya Department Store Co., Ltd. was fined 500,000 yuan by the Shanghai Market Regulator for illegal price fraud.People often use “cabbage price” to describe a good price.However, some netizens recently complained that the prices of cabbage and other vegetables sold by Takashimaya Department Store in Shanghai were “too exaggerated”.Photos posted online show the cabbage costs 32 yuan per kilogram, or 77.9 yuan per head.Also surprising is cabbage, which costs 36 yuan per kilogram, or nearly 80 yuan per head.Chinese cabbage is more expensive than pork, and the “sky-high cabbage” incident has aroused immediate concern once reported.Even for organic vegetables, the high prices are outrageous.What’s more, the so-called “sky-high cabbage” is just under the banner of high-quality goods and high-end cheating.According to the investigation, Wang mou in the name of Shanghai nongkang vegetable professional cooperatives and high island house department store signed a joint marketing contract, in the latter set up “Xujing Nongkang” counters.Wang mou will be from farmers’ markets and fresh shops and other places to buy ordinary vegetables for sorting, packaging, labeled “Xujing Nongkang” logo, suddenly become “Nongkang direct sales” boutique vegetables, prices have skyrocketed.The Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of The Rights and Interests of Consumers clearly stipulates that consumers have the right to know the true situation of the commodities they buy and use or the services they receive.A business operator shall provide truthful and comprehensive information to consumers about the quality, performance, use and validity period of a commodity or service and shall not publicize any false or misleading information.The price Law stipulates that operators are not allowed to fabricate and spread information about price rises to push up prices and push up commodity prices too much.Consumers or other business operators shall not be tricked into trading with them by means of false or misleading prices.Wang will be ordinary vegetables packaged into boutique vegetables, high prices to sell illegal profit;When Takashimaya department Store signed a contract with takashimaya to set up a shop, it failed to review the relevant content, failing to fulfill the obligation of review, both of which were illegal pricing.In accordance with the Provisions on Administrative Penalties for Price Violations, those who trick consumers or other business operators into trading with them by means of false or misleading prices shall be ordered to make corrections, their illegal gains shall be confiscated and a fine of not more than 5 times their illegal gains shall be imposed concurrently;If there are no illegal gains, a fine of not less than 50,000 yuan but not more than 500,000 yuan shall be imposed.If the business operator is an individual, he may be imposed a fine of not more than RMB 100,000 yuan for any price violation without illegal gains.Shanghai market supervision bureau fined Wang 100,000 yuan, takashimaya department store 500,000 yuan fine, are the top penalty.In the past two years, China’s epidemic prevention and control have become regular, with sporadic cases and clusters of local cases still occurring in some regions.A few illegal merchants often take the opportunity to raise prices, raising the prices of meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and other goods, disrupting the normal market order.Earlier, the market supervision bureau of a big business supermarket in a city was found to have sold a cabbage for 63.9 yuan, which led to an administrative interview with the supermarket manager and an administrative penalty of 500,000 yuan.Shanghai is facing a grim and complex epidemic prevention and control situation, with a high number of new positive cases.To guarantee the basic livelihood of the people the epidemic period normal market supply of goods and epidemic prevention products, Shanghai released by the determination of epidemic prevention and control during bid up the price law violating ACTS guidance “, if the operator has fabricating and spreading price information, great increase in the price bid up the price behavior, the relevant departments should attach corresponding administrative penalty.Today, the “sky-high cabbage” top penalty, no doubt has a warning and deterrent significance, warning the majority of businesses to take warning, integrity and law-abiding business, do not take advantage of the epidemic looting.(Original title: “Sky-high cabbage” top penalty, warning against looting during epidemic “by Zhang Tao, source of Beijing Youth Daily client)

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