CCTV5 live!Winter Olympics 2.8 points of interest: Gu Ailing impact gold medal, Hanyu Yuanyu appearance

Winter Olympics 2.8 points of interest: Gu Ailing impact medal, Yuzuru Hanyu appearance, curling first gold out of the introduction: Beijing time on February 7, the Winter Olympics competition is still in full swing in each major competition area.Today has many projects, the end of the Chinese players show the tenacious fighting spirit, success in every single game created the best record in the history, the first in the freestyle woman big platform event at the games for the first time GuAiLing standing up to the big mistake the second jump, success with preliminary fifth into tomorrow’s finals.China’s figure skating team finished fifth in the morning’s final, up one place from Pyeongchang and also setting a new record for the Chinese team.Starting at 12 o ‘clock at noon, Su completed 1800 on both the second and third dives, the only competitor able to do so. It was an easy and enjoyable finish that finally helped Su earn a precious silver medal and create a new history for China in this event.It is believed that Su yiming, who is only 17 years old this year, will shine brilliantly in the future international competitions and gain more honors.In the competition on February 8, the Chinese team contention card point is not much, so in the aspect of the watch I will be expected to enter the foreign players, let us pay attention to tomorrow’s specific focus of the event together!

In today’s preliminary competition, Gu Ailing made a very big mistake in the second jump. Fortunately, she adjusted herself in time and finally made it to the final.The charm of extreme sports lies in the fact that every jump is full of unknowns. In today’s competition, many athletes with medal strength failed to complete their movements, and even the favorites to win the gold medal were eliminated after the qualification.We did not come up with a particularly difficult action in the preliminary, basically in a smooth.Yang Shuorui, another Chinese player, did not excel in the case of injury and was very sorry to be excluded from the final, but her fighting spirit is still very worthy of respect.Gu also gave Yang a hug after the match to comfort and encourage her teammate.

Tomorrow’s final can still be said to be a master, if you want to stand on the podium, I believe everyone will take out their own difficult movements, this aspect of Gu Ailing is also fully prepared, let’s look forward to her wonderful show tomorrow!Yuzuru Hanyu competes in men’s singles short program Yuzuru Hanyu competes in men’s single program Short program Yuzuru Hanyu competes in men’s single program Short program Yuzuru Hanyu competes in men’s single program Short program Yuzuru Hanyu competes in men’s single program Short program Yuzuru Hanyu competes in men’s single program Short program Yuzuru Hanyu competes in men’s single program Short program Yuzuru Hanyu Competes in men’s single programYuzuru Hanyu will make his Olympic debut in Beijing in the men’s single short program, which starts tomorrow.Yuzuru Hanyu, the reigning champion of this event, is the king of men’s events, no matter in choreography or overall difficulty, no other competitor can rival him, so his goal is still to defend his title and achieve a third consecutive Olympic title in this event.

In this event, China’s Jin Boyang will also compete.In a team sport, gold dapao mistakes while the first day of the game, but he still resist pressure, in the game after sliding out their personal best, the last game, gold dapao eventually get a fourth, almost the podium, his goal this year is naturally want to be able to go further.After days of group competition, curling’s first gold medal in mixed doubles will be contested tomorrow night.Although The Chinese team is very sorry not to be able to compete for the final four, but the final is very worth looking forward to.The final four teams of Italy, Norway, England and Sweden will compete in the final.Italy are the surprise team of the tournament, showing good form from day one and then beating all the top teams in succession to reach the semi-finals with nine unbeaten wins.

So they have a very good chance of finishing in the dark and finally taking home the gold medal.It is worth mentioning that Canada, the former champion, was defeated by Italy in the final round and missed out on the top four.Sweden, on the other hand, made it through to the final four.Attached is the time of the gold medal match on February 8:

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