Deja destroyed four Ultramans, Camilla was the Dark Giant, and one was a hero of justice

Dija Ultraman didn’t just fight monsters, he fought ultraman, and now he’s killed at least four ultraman.Carmilla was the Dark Giant, but there was another hero who was just, who also died at the hands of Digha.The first hero dija Ultraman destroyed was one of his metaancient companions, Sitra. In fact, everyone knows that in metaancient, even Dija Ultraman was a dark warrior.What’s interesting is that later on, they took the initiative to turn against their own companions, because they were dark heroes.And it’s in the theater version.Dija Altmann met these companions again and destroyed Sitra with his own hands.After that, he took on a new form, as you all remember, right?The second Ultraman whom Deja destroyed, needless to say, was known as Darham, once a companion of dark Deja.Maybe 30 million years ago, he was turned into a statue because of Deja, and later resurrected to deal with Deja Ultraman.The result was still eliminated by others, which shows that their strength gap is still very large.If Deja does it again, he’ll be even better.The third hero deja Altman killed was his former girlfriend, Camilla, who, to be honest, was a little pathetic.She is dija altmann’s girlfriend, can be said to have helped Dija fight the world, but died in the hands of his boyfriend, this is not very unfair?In fact, she herself is very fond of Dija Altman, and in the theatrical version of The Final Crusade, we can see that he is soft on Dija at the beginning, and tries to restore the relationship, but at this time, The Dija is not the same.To put it bluntly, this ultraman’s consciousness is that of human Bigu. Carmilla always calls him her boyfriend, but can Bigu accept that?You should know that his girlfriend is Lena.As for the fourth hero that Dija Ultraman destroyed, that is very characteristic, and it is worth mentioning, he is evil Dija.To be honest, evil Diga was originally a good soldier, and Tsunya has publicly expressed that, but unfortunately in the TV series turned into stone he was used by humans, the result became the so-called evil Diga.But judging from what he does in the play, he’s a pretty good fighter. In fact, he might have been a better fighter in super ancient times.Think of all the ultraman in the ancient world. How many people can keep a monster as a pet?Not much, to be honest.Of course, dija Ultraman may have killed several heroes, but that doesn’t make him any better.Dija Altman used to be a good form player, but do you think he can be that now?He wouldn’t be as good as the Otters in a real fight now, would he?

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