Dry skin and oily skin maintenance method

Dry skin: it is to point to because of the decrease of sebaceous gland secretion and skin barrier damage caused by epidermal water loss increase and cause skin cuticle moisture under 10% skin.Dry skin surface skin is thinner, delicate, thin, pores are not obvious, sebum secretion is less and uniform, no greasy feeling;The skin is dry, prone to dandruff, not prone to acne.But after be stimulated by outside environment, wait like wind and sun, the skin can appear flush, it is burning pain even.This skin is prone to aging and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and corners of the mouth.Dry skin is more sensitive to the outside world, if the use of freckle products containing metal ions or hormones, easy to cause allergies.Therefore, in the selection of freckle products, should choose mild freckle products without stimulation, so as not to increase the burden of the skin.Oily skin: sebum secretion is vigorous, most people have dark skin color, thick pores, greasy and bright skin, and even orange peel appearance. Its PH value is between 5.6 and 6.6, and it is easy to adhere to dust and dirt, causing skin infection and acne.It is common in young people during puberty.It can be divided into ordinary oil and super oil.The key to oily skin care is to keep your skin clean.Therefore, oily skin, face all day at least 2 times.At the same time, you need to use soap or facial cleanser to thoroughly clean the oil.Normal skin, normal skin is an ideal skin health, see more at the age of 9 to 20 women, moderate amount of sebum secretion, the skin is not stem don’t of oil, ruddy skin delicate, elastic, small pore, PH value is not sensitive to external stimuli between 5-5.6, if you are just such skin type, be sure to keep it healthy.In the season, also need more than usual a careful care.Use mild basic nursing products at ordinary times, focus on moisturizing, cooperate with regular exfoliating massage, plus moisturizing mask.Usually should pay attention to internal adjustment, adequate sleep, reasonable exercise and a balanced diet are also very important.Sensitive muscle: Sensitive muscle is the most fragile skin!So skin care must be gentle!Change season or protect skin to taste not suitable can all sorts of pan-red!It is recommended that sensitive muscle choose skin care products must be careful, the best choice of some of the main sensitive muscle available skin care products!Mixed with dry skin: If it is mixed with oily skin, there will be oily sheen on the nose, forehead and chin (also known as the T-zone).Mix partial dry, then basically no oil, or very little oil.Choose deep moisturizing products in the winter whole face peeling, indicating that the skin has been dry to the point of serious water shortage, coupled with air pollution and sand, do not strengthen the skin moisturizing, skin will rapidly aging.Ordinary skin care products can not provide dry skin due supply, at this time need to strengthen “firepower”, use deep water moisturizing products, ability to provide full care for dry skin.Skin qualitative this thing is not invariable, should undertake according to oneself true circumstance protect skin!Take care of your skin so you can have good skin.

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