Official Li Xiaopeng announces!The reason of national football fiasco comes out, Wu Xi official position, Li Tie is wrong to blame you

As Asian Cup qualifying continued, the Chinese men’s national team, which had been full of confidence, finally showed their true form. They faced a team of Vietnam’s caliber that they had not lost to in their entire history, and now, on the first day of the New Year, presented the fans with such a result.It really makes people feel helpless. When The overall possession rate of Chinese men’s national football team was higher than that of Vietnam, it was finally kicked three goals by the opponent. Such a result was really surprising.Official Li Xiaopeng announces!National foot fiasco reason comes out, Wu Xi official position, Li Tie wrong you!Li Tie Li Xiaopeng position, revealed the cause of the loss.After Li Xiaopeng was appointed, he may have thought of the current situation, Li Xiaopeng needs to solve the problem of Li Tie left, he also want to scruple about the voice of the outside world.There was no problem with the starting line-up and a full complement of naturalised players, but in the absence of long-term consistency, it’s hard to ask them to contribute much.Li Xiaopeng, the new head coach of Chinese Men’s Football Team, said in an interview, “THE first one apologized to all the fans and players. The follow-up remedy was irreparable and the score was unacceptable.I think the rise of Chinese football will happen sooner or later, but it takes generations to make efforts.”Li Xiaopeng as a temporary coach, his attitude is also worthy of recognition, but can not change the result, or unacceptable to the outside world.Li Xiaopeng’s fans also admitted: “In the first half, Li Xiaopeng let several skilled strikers, but he did not let xiao Dai take the ball at all.In the second half, 4231 went straight to 442 and there was a lack of layer in midfield.Some fans said bluntly: “Li Xiaopeng’s team is not very good, absolutely not as good as Li Tie. Li Tie lost too many games except 3-0 to Australia, and drew with Oman. In fact, they all met the expectation.Li Xiaopeng of Chinese men’s national football Team also said: “One is that the design of the match went wrong, the players played very hard.The second was over-motivation before the game, the players wanted the game so much that the first half was too tense.Such explanations may not convince domestic fans that there are many reasons for the loss, but the one-sided situation should not have happened.Li Xiaopeng wu Xi’s official voice!Li Tie is also supported by force!”Today is a special day,” wu Xi, the representative of the Chinese men’s national football team, said directly after the match. “WE are very disappointed for everyone. I’m sorry for the fans, but I will do a down-to-earth job in training and competition no matter what happens in the future.”Players face such a defeat, they also feel very embarrassed and helpless.However, the players still need a boost of confidence.Wu Xi from the present results, perhaps only to find li Tie at the beginning of the ability, once in a hurry to leave office, now came to the key node, only to find that it is asking for trouble.Perhaps it is really wrong to blame Li Tie. Perhaps Li Tie is the most suitable person for coaching the national football team.Where is China’s men’s football team heading?Perhaps just as Fan Zhiyi said, if you want to make changes, you should put your position right first.

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