There is a kind of woman who, when she reaches middle age, doesn’t need a man any more

I am Brother Shan. I have been writing emotional column for many years, talking about emotional life and writing life sentiment. Thank you for your attention.Brother elder brother emotional view series # # mountain (mount about emotions, pictures from the network) | article/PangFengShan 01 writer Mr Bo said: “writing in the previous” infidelity, is destroying the family, the power of most destructive in a relationship.Whether men or women, in a marriage, to be full of awe of the heart of marriage, to let themselves do clean, do not easily to hurt their other half, to live up to their love.However, in real life, there are always some people do not know how to cherish, there are always some people choose to take risks, even reckless to do something to hurt others.For a woman, the greatest pain, than the other half of the disappointment and betrayal.What women care about in this life is always the interests of marriage and family, and what they long for is love and companionship.If one day find oneself love deeply the man suddenly other love, or do not love yourself, that should be what kind of sad and collapse!Especially after the woman arrived middle age, to the other half of the dependence is very strong, see the family very heavy, if right now his other half heart gives birth to miscellaneous thought, made sorry oneself of thing, ruthless hurt oneself, that woman besides be inconsolable and heart dead besides, still can have other reaction?In this world, there is a woman, after the middle age, no longer need a man, why, because she is too sad to men, too desperate!To know, middle-aged women, the most can not bear is the betrayal of the other half, the heart is the most vulnerable from the other half of the hurt.Women are always sensitive and suspicious of feelings, so every man should be a little better to his woman, and then a little better;One point, one point again, do not do sorry to them, or they really crazy, will never walk out of that shadow.Take this friend below for example. When she was middle-aged, she originally loved her husband very much, but her husband became more and more sentimental to her, hurting her again and again, making her lose trust in her other half and making her completely lose confidence in men.So, she made a difficult and painful decision, she decided to divorce her husband, and from now on no longer need any man, just want to live alone for the rest of her life.What is the specific situation after all, look at the pour out of this reader to know.Dear Brother, I am almost 40 years old. In 2019, my husband betrayed me. For various reasons, I chose to forgive.So, he and I continued to live together for a few years, in these years, we often quarrel, there is no happiness to speak of, there is no trust.I always suspected they were in touch, and whenever he went out without telling me, I always thought he was cheating on me.Last week, I accidentally found that the woman was texting my husband from a different number, and I was devastated!Sure enough, they were still in touch.I know my husband still has that woman in his heart, he just forced reality and have no choice but to live with me, in fact, that woman is not a good person, has already been well-known, but my husband still take her seriously.I really can’t stand it, I want to give up our marriage, I really can’t accept my lover’s heart is someone else, if he is just impulsive to fail me, that is understandable, I can continue to live with him.But now everything has changed, he is still thinking about that woman, can not let go of her, what should I do?Although I love him in my heart, I choose to divorce him, I am also very painful.However, I have thought about it, as a woman who will soon be 40 years old to middle age, as a woman who has been scarred by men’s cheating, when I reached this age, I really had enough, no longer need a man around me, I decided to divorce my husband, let him as far away as possible.What’s more, after my divorce, I don’t plan to find another man, because I have my own work and pursuit, I don’t need to rely on any man, I also don’t need love, I have all my love to him, but he makes me constantly sad and broken heart.Sam, this is what I say as a middle-aged woman. Do you think I’m doing the right thing?From now on, I can no longer accept scraping by.Samuel says: The success of a marriage depends on two people, and one person can make it fail.As far as you are concerned, you are an emotionally troubled woman, a woman with an unhappy marriage, and I begin by expressing my heartfelt sympathy for your plight.I know that any woman, after middle age, if the marriage is not happy, emotionally hurt by the other half, the kind of piercing pain can be imagined.However, life is like this, always full of unknown wind and rain and too much uncertainty, a person’s marriage is the same, marriage is sometimes a gamble, bet to win naturally is happy, bet to lose can only choose to accept fate.I know that after a woman reaches the age of 40, if she does not have a happy marriage and a husband who loves her deeply, it is indeed a misfortune. If her other half hurts her feelings again and again, the pain can be imagined.So, the woman arrived at this time, arrived at this age, it is very difficult to choose to endure again, especially oneself have belong to own job, career and income, that still choose compromise to do what?Then why do we need a man?Therefore, in this marriage, if the fault really does not lie in you, is your husband completely changed his heart, has no love for you, then you do not need to choose grievance yourself, if you really want to no longer need any man, it is better to choose a person to live.People in this life, always have to live for themselves, and in this day and age, marriage is not a necessity, it is an option.I know, in real life, there is a woman, to the middle-aged, no longer need a man, that is the hurt woman, in the emotional cleanliness of the woman, whether it is personality, spirit, or in the economy are particularly independent woman.If you think you are such a woman, then be brave to be yourself, and then love yourself, there is no need to go to a man who is not worth, and let yourself sad.Of course, there is no need to say so absolutely, especially the feelings of this kind of things, the need is edge gather edge scattered, two people together fate, let nature do not need to demanding.Also perhaps, when you choose to fulfill each other turn around and leave, there will be a real suitable person in front of you, once again into your world, met also need not refuse.In short, first let yourself live in the present moment, do a good job of the present, rational and sober to deal with everything in front of you, follow your true heart, think about what to do, and then make the right choice.About the author: Brother Shan, an emotional columnist with warmth and attitude, hopes to warm and accompany every lonely heart with heart-going words!

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