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In the long river of time, Guizhou has stored the national culture with mountains and water. Let’s walk into Sanhe Miao Village and feel the beauty and song and dance here.Pingzhai Village, also known as Sanhe Miao Village, is a national AAA level scenic spot, a national minority characteristic village, a provincial grade B rural tourism village and a recommended tourist destination for beautiful villages in Guizhou.There are mountain park, mountain cycling track, Miao culture exhibition hall and batik experience hall in the scenic area. Meanwhile, sanhe ecological pension center, Sugar fruit Paradise and artificial beach are introduced. It is an ecological leisure vacation destination for experiencing Miao customs, cycling, boating, walking and pension.In 2021, it was selected as the third batch of provincial key rural tourism villages in Guizhou.”Sanhe Miao Village” into the Sanhe Miao Village, its two layers of cornices of the Sanhe Miao Village stands majestic, “The spirit of the people jie Fu Lin Xinzhuang, mountain green water shade ancient village”, the couplet on the village door describes people’s happy life.Miao Village is still keeping the original Miao language, dress has been well preserved.Traditional national culture and folk art have their own distinctive styles, such as batik, embroidery, embroidery, folk songs, lanterns and so on.Miao family lusheng, traditional erhu, mouth blowing wood leaves played a party.The name of sanhe Miao Village means heaven, earth and people.The village is surrounded by mountains and rivers, the sanhe reservoir surrounds the village, the mountain trail is wrapped around the back hill of the Miao Village like a ribbon, and the viewing pavilions are scattered in the mountains, so you can play everywhere.The whole village miao “original ecological” culture is well preserved, miao internal branches are numerous, among which the Miao sanhe Miao village belongs to the western Miao, claiming to be “a Li” branch, which is commonly known as the Little flower miao.On the eighth day of April every year, hundreds of Miao people gather in Sanhe Miao Village to celebrate their festival by playing lusheng, dancing and displaying traditional miao skills.After the traditional miao sacrifice ceremony, the Miao compatriots danced lusheng dance and sang a toast song.With their wine and their songs and dances, the enthusiastic Miao compatriots expressed their wishes to the guests and their hopes for a happy life in the coming year.”Awai” is the Buyi language, which means “beautiful mountains and clear waters, beautiful birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers”. Awai Village means “happy place”.It is “the fourth batch of Traditional villages in China” and the second batch of provincial key rural tourism villages. It is also a simple Buyi village with a strong folk atmosphere.As the only tengjia cultural village in China, Awai Village still retains the vicissitudes of buyi traditional customs and rich tengjia culture of The Three Kingdoms.”Rattan armour valley” by the famous artist Mr. Song Peilun carefully designed to build, there are 150 looks of rattan armour soldiers, as well as 20 mysterious Yelang ancient sculpture, it is worth you to punch here, take photos.Yunfeng Tunbao Scenic area is composed of eight tunbao villages, including Yunshantun, Benzhai, Leitun and xiaoshanzhai. It is the core area of the southern army stationed in the early Ming Dynasty.Yunfeng Tunpu is listed as a national key cultural relics protection units, or the Ministry of Construction, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage named “Chinese historical and cultural village”.It is the only “Famous Village of Chinese history and culture” in Guizhou Province.The eight villages have orderly distribution, proper density, walled walls, diaolou, stone outer walls, wrapping houses in the style of jiangnan residential houses.Yunfeng Tunpu is known as “the last fortress in the era of cold weapons” by scholars because it is pleasant to live in and good for street fighting.Broken crisp buns are the unique white food in Anshun pastry, and also one of the famous snacks in Anshun.Because the steamed stuffed bun skin is soft, tender filling, salty and fragrant, there are layers, layers of crisp, so called broken crisp package.Fried chicken cake Anshun fried chicken cake is different from the traditional egg cake heart, anshun people rely on the local food culture created special snacks.The fried chicken cake is crispy outside and tender inside, and the meat is delicious.Two chicken cakes with a bowl of soybean milk are the best breakfast choice for many Anshun residents.# Self-drive traffic route: Start from Downtown Guiyang – Hukun Expressway – Second Ring Road – Pingzhai Village;It’s an hour and a half.High speed railway: Guiyang North Railway Station – Anshun West Railway Station.Bus: Jinyang Bus Station – Anshun;It takes about two hours by car.The extension in and find interesting For the sunrise, off sunset Sanhe miao is a unique and simple beauty of content sources: culture and tourism in guizhou hall statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address:

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