What are the hidden flashpoints of sino-US conflict?Jin Canrong, 60, said a rare word in an interview

Taiwan is a sacred and inalienable part of China’s territory, which has long been recognized by the United Nations.However, in order to suppress China’s development, some international politicians have been taking the Taiwan issue as an issue to interfere in China’s development pace, which of course has become a hidden flashpoint between China and the United States.Dong Yunsang, former acting assistant secretary of State for Asia and the Pacific, urged the Chinese mainland to find a way to expand exchanges with the People of Taiwan, saying that she is most concerned about how China and the United States deal with the Taiwan issue, and that the Taiwan issue is the most dangerous flashpoint between China and the United States.She believes that being led by Washington is not the best balanced way to deal with the Taiwan issue and hopes that cross-strait relations can return to stable management, which is the most important thing that can be done to stabilize Sino-US relations.And jin canrong, 60, made a rare remark in an interview about Sino-AMERICAN relations.Jin Canrong, a professor of International Studies at Renmin University of China, said in an interview that China’s internal development is certain in 2022, but the development of the world outside China is uncertain. This is a general judgment.The diminished authority of the current Biden administration may not be good news for Sino-US relations due to the increased divisions in the US, as his ability to coordinate will be reduced.China-us relations are likely to be bad in 2022.On the Taiwan issue, Professor Jin canrong is more straightforward. He believes that it is impossible for the DPP to openly declare “Taiwan independence”, but in the process of gradually advancing “Taiwan independence”, there will be a risk that the DPP will cross the red line because of its excessive action at some point.In fact, the United States will interfere in the Taiwan issue has long been known fact, after the United States President Joe biden and shore Tian Wenxiong video meeting, Japan’s prime minister, biden is pointed out that the close cooperation to address marking issue, against “economic stress,” when it comes to Taiwan, xinjiang, Hong Kong, the diaoyu islands, the problem such as the east China sea, the south China sea.

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