You don’t know how to wash the whey

Recently, I often received a private letter from haixin’s fans. They said that they had spent thousands of dollars to buy fake milk and did not know how to clean it. Can they wash it directly with laundry detergent at home?I am afraid that the milk I bought will be washed by myself, so I feel anxious and distressed.Today, Haixin will talk to you about the cleaning method of breast and artificial breast bra. Remember to like and collect and forward oh ~ how to wash artificial breast?Recognize the material is the first!As we all know, the main materials of prosthetic milk are cotton and silica gel, and different materials will naturally lead to different cleaning methods.1. Cotton whey washing method Cotton whey, the natural material is mainly light and breathable sponge.Therefore, patients can wash their clothes as usual. As for the frequency, if there is no obvious stain, they can wash them once every 3-5 days.However, it should be noted that cotton milk can only be washed by hand, never put in the washing machine. The service life of cotton milk is about half a year. In case of hot summer weather, the deformation of artificial whey after washing causes the wound to be airtight, it is recommended that patients replace it as soon as possible.2. Washing method and Precautions of silicone artificial whey Silicone artificial milk has higher cleaning requirements than cotton artificial milk, which is embodied in the following aspects: Gentle cleaning should be done on the elastic surface of silicone artificial milk, gentle cleaning should be paid attention to, and the artificial milk should not be forcibly squeezed to avoid deformation.Before washing, you should also pay attention to the length of nails to avoid scratching the artificial breast.Do not use alkaline washing powder or soap when cleaning with skin-friendly detergent, which is easy to damage the silica gel material.It is recommended that you use skin-friendly bath lotion. If it is too much trouble, in fact, mild water is also ok. After drying in the sun, you should wash the artificial breast nipple upwards and put it in a cool place to dry naturally, pay attention to avoid exposure to the sun.If you need to use it in a hurry, you can also dry it with cold air 20 cm away from the artificial breast.Cleaning frequency If deep cleaning with bubbles, once a week;If you simply wash with water, once a day is ok.1. Put the artificial breast into water and gently wipe it with bath milk (or warm water) 2.Rinse the clean artificial milk under the tap to thoroughly clean the artificial milk.3. After washing, gently squeeze the artificial milk with the microhole downward to squeeze out the water.4. Dry the surface, place the nipples upward, and place a dry towel on the back of the surface.A hair dryer can also be used to dry the artificial milk 20cm away from the cold air.If silica gel whey is washed and preserved properly, its service life can be as long as 3-5 years.However, in the process of use, if the weight of artificial breast and healthy breast is uneven, it needs to be replaced in time.How to wash a breast bra?From the point of view of cleaning, the cleaning requirements of artificial breast bra are similar to those of undergarments without underwires.The best way to wash, of course, is by hand, but if you’re really suffering from lazy cancer, it’s fine to use a machine wash.However, before machine washing, the following points should be paid attention to: a. To avoid excessive pulling, it is recommended to put the prosthetic breast bra into the laundry bag before putting it into the washing machine;B. For bras with removable shoulder straps, it is recommended to remove them and wash them separately.C. Do not directly stick the detergent to the bra. Dissolve it in water before putting it into the bra.D. Minimize the use of bleach to avoid bra discoloration or chemical reaction with silicone milk;After washing the artificial breast bra, do not wring it out directly by hand. Instead, wrap the underwear with a towel and gently squeeze it with your hand so that the moisture is absorbed by the towel.In addition, too strong light will make the shoulder strap lose elasticity, so pay attention to not exposure to the sun oh ~ the replacement frequency of prosthetic breast bra is the same as the replacement frequency of normal prosthetic breast, about 0.5-1 years, we can decide according to their own feelings and frequency in use.Finally, use a doggerel to summarize the cleaning points of breast and breast bra: pay attention to the cleaning of breast whey, and then clean it by material.Cotton silica gel is not the same, silica gel more small requirements.Handling is number one. Nail brooches need attention.Wash with bath lotion, in fact, water can also be.Wash well remember to avoid the sun, natural air drying the most effort.Artificial breast bra should also be washed, hand washing to save worry and give strength.Remember that you are the most beautiful person in the crowd.Other related reading: After Breast cancer surgery, My doctor advised me to wear artificial breast. Does it Really work?How to choose false breast?Follow this guide to buy the correct prosthetic breast, how to wear there is a particular, are you really wearing the right?Is it necessary to buy a fake breast bra?How to buy, how to wear, say the small matter of clean whey washing, you are not really sure to buy the milk don’t worry, before placing an order to make clear these 8 questions

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