Chile, the rich country of the southern hemisphere, is so good at producing fine wines that French winemakers should take notice

There are 58 countries in the southern hemisphere, including Chile in South America. For China, Chile is the most distant country from China. Chile is far away from China, and it is not easy for Chinese to go to Chile, separated by a vast Pacific Ocean.Among the Countries in South America, Chile is the richest country per capita. According to the statistical data in 2020, its GDP is 350,232 billion US dollars, and its per capita GDP is 17,797 US dollars, twice higher than Brazil. Therefore, Chile is listed as a “high-income economy” by the World Bank, which is close to developed countries in all aspects.Labor wages are also the highest in South America. According to the latest data released by Chile’s official statistics Bureau, in the first half of 2021, Chile’s national per capita monthly income was 4,118 YUAN.Because of the advantage of the terrain and climate, Chile has many countries could not enjoy the resources, is especially suitable for grape growing here, create the prerequisites for the Chilean wine, as the south of South America’s second largest wine producing countries, the representative of the new world wine of the kingdom of the Chile has the star of “wine” reputation, brew a wine also has a complicated full-bodied aroma.Chile has a narrow area west of the Andes mountains, climate diversity, the north climate is dry, desertification, the south near the Antarctic, many areas in the sub-zero temperature, central climate and fertile valley terrain, most of Chile’s wineries are concentrated here to carry out their winemaking business.In the 1830s, the Chilean government followed the Initiative of the French and introduced a large number of French and Italian grape varieties.Long wine development, the Chilean wine slowly grope for its own unique style, both the old world prominent structure, there are intense aromas of fruit, in the new world in recent years, a growing number of Chilean wine won awards in the world, into the ranks of the world’s finest wines, French wine critic Kim Marcus gave his opinion of Chilean wine:”Intense and spicy, with intense dark fruit and Asian spice flavors, soft tannins and firm acidity.Sticky mints and green herbs are added to the middle notes, creating a long, bitter sweet chocolate finish.”Chilean wine can attract the attention of the world, high quality is one reason, the most important is the high cost performance, the price is equivalent to less than half of bordeaux first class chateaux, so Chilean wine is called “the most cost-effective wine king”.Carmena is one of Chile’s most important grape varieties. The bordeaux grape found a second home in Chile in the mid-19th century after being wiped out by a grape nodule disease.Jiamei na traditionally with cabernet sauvignon, merlot blend, often made from a single with high acidity and alcohol, and tannin is very high, but now, the Chilean winemaker began as a single grape variety for wine brewing, although sometimes always has some unique raw blue, but for of the person you like, that’s quite charming flavor.Would you like to try this inexpensive, high-quality wine from the distant country of Chile?

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