Guangdong province issued the first provincial prepared vegetable industry policy to promote the construction of the prepared vegetable industry highland

China economic review China development network Luo Mian NieJinXiu, Hu Junxiong, press coverage Recently, guangdong “accelerate the high quality cantonese prefabricated food industry ten measures” (hereinafter referred to as “prefabricated vegetables ten”), it is understood that this is the first provincial precast food industrial policy, cantonese prepared food to meet the “perfect moment”, the province multiple cities rapid response,Seize the opportunity of “Ten policies for prepared Dishes”, actively deploy the development of prepared dishes industry, and accelerate the layout of relevant industry associations, enterprises, and scientific research colleges, so as to jointly promote Guangdong to build the national prepared dishes industry highland.Enterprises, universities and research institutes work together to reproduce the “Taste of Guangdong” to encourage enterprises to carry out joint research on key core technologies;The talent training of the prepared dishes industry should be included in the “Cantonese Cuisine Master” project, and star chefs of “Cantonese Cuisine Master” should be encouraged to participate in the development and promotion of prepared dishes.According to Chen Cuiying, founder and CEO of Guangdong Pinzhen Fresh Technology Co., LTD., prepared dishes are complete, easy to cook and require no cooking skills to replicate a chef’s taste.The prefabricated potted vegetable produced by the company is the originality of Lian Gengming, the Chinese cooking master and the president of Shunde Chefs Association. It selects more than 10 kinds of guangdong characteristic ingredients and has been selected as the “Ten famous products” of Guangdong prefabricated dishes.Shunde is the “hometown of Chefs in China”, and the chefs and prepared food enterprises are allied.In addition to the cooperation between Pinzhen Technology and Shunde Chefs Association to develop prepared dishes, Shunde Junjian Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. has also introduced the “Cantonese Cuisine Master Studio”.Foshan Prepared Dishes Industry Alliance was formally established not long ago, and the first 53 units joined, involving operating entities, industry associations, financial and insurance institutions, scientific research institutes and technical testing institutions, and jointly create the “Foshan prepared dishes” brand.Outside Foshan, guangdong prepared vegetable industry alliances have sprung up everywhere.Guangdong Agricultural Products Food Engineering Central Kitchen (Prepared Dishes) Industry Alliance is actively promoting the scientific and steady development of the industry;Chaozhou city established chaozhou Cuisine Central Kitchen Industrial Alliance, aiming to promote Chaozhou cuisine to take the road of “food of agricultural products, food industrialization, central kitchen trend”.Jiangmen city, Zhanjiang city and other cities have established prepared dishes industry alliance;Meizhou city, Heyuan city actively force hakka prepared food, planning to establish prepared food industry alliance.In terms of talent cultivation for prepared dishes, the responsible person of Guangzhou Restaurant Group suggested that, first, vocational colleges (including technical schools) and ordinary colleges and universities should be encouraged to add relevant professional courses according to the content of prepared dishes, and promote the construction of “production, learning and research” bases for prepared dishes.The second is to encourage local Cantonese chefs to invest in the development of prepared dishes, combine “craft” and “craft” with the excellent cooking skills of Cantonese chefs, and highlight the characteristics of Cantonese cuisine to cultivate and develop the prepared dishes industry.The whole chain hair force to do “a dish” in Shantou Guan Seawater production Technology Co., LTD., Zhuhe Road, Yuxin Street, Haojiang District, Acceptance, cleaning, cutting, cleaning, rolling, packaging, freezing……Every link is in good order and a busy scene, said The president of the company, Mr. Kruicheng, “Now is the mature season of bullfrog, and it is also our busy season. These packaged pre-prepared products of bullfrog are loaded into the cold chain transport truck at minus 18 degrees Celsius, and then sold to all parts of the country, onto the table of consumers.As one of the first companies in Guangdong and even the whole country to launch pre-prepared bullfrog dishes, Guan Seawater is also the largest enterprise in China at present. Since the company entered into pre-prepared bullfrog dishes in 2020, the sales volume has been rising.Thus, to produce a prepared dish that can be enjoyed as long as it is lightly cooked, every process is strongly supported by the whole industrial chain.To this end, the “Ten Precast dishes” proposed to strengthen the precast dishes industrial cluster, the construction of a batch of precast dishes industrial parks, the formation of the precast dishes industry agglomeration effect.Give full play to the advantages of Guangdong characteristic agriculture and Cantonese cuisine brand, and promote the concentration of prepared vegetables industry enterprises and upstream and downstream supporting enterprises of the industrial chain into the park.Foshan, Zhaoqing, Jiangmen, Zhanjiang, Maoming, Chaozhou and other cities are actively establishing prepared dishes industrial parks to promote the agglomeration and development of Prepared dishes in Guangdong in the form of parks.Zhaoqing Gaoyao District is speeding up the construction of the “first park” of the Bay Area’s prepared dish industry — The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Zhaoqing Gaoyao) Prepared Dish Industrial Park.With a planned area of 7,000 mu, the industrial park will be a high-standard demonstration park for prepared vegetables integrating the whole industrial chain functions of meat and aquatic deep processing, such as aquaculture, poultry and livestock breeding, production and processing, cold chain distribution, pilot research and development, inspection and testing, e-commerce finance, science popularization and tourism.This year’s foshan city government work report clearly, to build characteristic agricultural products prepared vegetables processing industrial park.At present, the city has built 12 large-scale prepared vegetables enterprises, the annual output value of about 2.5 billion yuan, plus the construction, planned to build 13 large-scale enterprises, all reach production, foshan prepared vegetables annual output value is expected to reach 30 billion yuan.In order to win the golden sign of “overseas Chinese prepared dishes”, Jiangmen city recently released “Jiangmen Prepared Dishes twelve policy measures”, clear prepared dishes industrial park construction will be in accordance with the “one park four areas” idea, in Taishan City Doushan Town, Baisha Town, Pengjiang District Duruan Town, Tangxia town, Kaiping City Magang town, layout and construction of prepared dishes industrial park.Put good safety out of the “international style” people’s table no small matter.The “Ten Precinct Dishes” directly hit the “quality and safety”, the pain point of the development of the precinct dishes industry — proposed the construction of the quality and safety supervision and standard system of the precinct dishes, and gradually developed and improved the series standards of the precinct dishes from the field to the table.At a workshop in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, the conveyor belt of an automated production line delivers sealed versions of cooked squab, three-cup chicken, and muicai Patty to the packaging area, where quality inspectors randomly check the packaged food in front of them.”We strive to provide consumers with safe and high-quality products,” said a person in charge of Guangbai Supermarket, a subsidiary of Guangbai Department Store, the local retail leader in Guangzhou.In order to ensure the quality of prepared food products, the purchasing department of Guangbai Supermarket will check and verify the supplier’s business qualification, brand awareness and inspection report one by one before the products are put on the shelves. Only the products that meet the relevant food requirements can be put on the shelves.Recently, in the production workshop of Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd., workers worked overtime to load 2,200 boxes and 22 tons of prefabricated gold pomfret to the dock for sale to Malaysia, a RCEP member country.The company takes the initiative to speed up the pace of docking in the international market, and helps the prepared dishes become the international “Internet hot dishes”. As early as January 1, when the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) officially came into effect, the Guolun Aquatic prepared dishes successfully declared the 001 container, and represented the first container and the first RCEP member of Guangdong enterprises, Australia.At present, zhanjiang aquatic products have been exported to New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and other RCEP countries.In addition to Zhanjiang, the greater Bay Area (Zhaoqing) prepared cabbage and fish prepared dish, the Shantou Haojiang Aquatic Products Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park prepared squid prepared dish, Shantou Chenghai Lion head goose prepared dish (marinated goose prepared dish), Yunfu Mingji Aquatic Products Group prepared fish prepared dish, etc., are also taking RCEP to the international market.

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