Is sequential immunization a vaccine “mix”?Authoritative interpretation

Under the Joint Prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, a press conference was held on February 26 to introduce epidemic prevention and control and vaccination work.Conference, China CDC immunization programmes, chief expert introduce Mr Wang, sequential immune is using different technical route of vaccine, popular saying is a different type of vaccine, according to certain time interval and a certain time, in order to prevent the effect of increase or reduce the risk of serious adverse reactions, further to a vaccination strategy.In the past, vaccination, especially for children, was mostly done with the same type of vaccine., of course, there are also some sequential immune, like vaccinating children against polio, before, we use the whole 4 doses are live attenuated, later as the vaccine supply in place, especially for new products in place, now adopted sequential immunization program, including the first two needle inactivated vaccine, two doses of live attenuated,Sequential immunization is when two vaccines from different technical routes are included in a child’s vaccination program.The novel Coronavirus pandemic is changing. What can be done to improve the effectiveness of existing COVID-19 vaccines?The World Health Organization has relevant recommendations, our country is also considering, so proposed sequential immunization procedures.As for your mentioned “mix”, this may be a concept put forward by the public or common people, professional, is actually the same technical route of the vaccine, but with different manufacturers, inactivated the play a factory, the second and third to play another manufacturer, actually belong to inactivated vaccines, are the same technical route, do not belong to the sequential immune.With the approval of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the NHC has started to deploy sequential immunization campaigns against COVID-19.Sequential vaccination refers to the administration of the same vaccine at intervals (alternately) along different technical routes.Shao Yiming, a member of the vaccine research and development team under the Joint prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council, said sequential immunization is often used to vaccinate viruses that are highly variable and difficult to deal with.Shao yiming said there are two main purposes of sequential booster immunization: one is that different vaccines can complement each other’s advantages, and the other is that people with different physical conditions may have more side effects to a certain type of vaccine, so using different technical routes can avoid side effects.Some countries in the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia have begun implementing sequential booster immunization, said Wang Huaqing, chief expert on immunization planning at the Chinese CDC.Who supports flexible homologous and heterologous vaccination programmes.For countries considering heterologous vaccination programmes, the novel Coronavirus vaccine with a different technical route from the first dose is recommended for subsequent doses.What are the precautions for receiving sequential booster immunization?Wang huaqing introduced that there are four important conditions for sequential enhanced immunization: First, the target population of this sequential enhanced immunization is over 18 years old.Second, the inoculant must meet the requirements that two doses of inactivated vaccine vaccination have been completed, and these two doses are novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Sinophem Beijing Company, Sinophem Beijing Company and Sinophem Wuhan Company.Third, two doses of inactivated vaccine should be administered throughout the whole process, and the interval should not be shorter than 6 months.Fourthly, the target has not received booster immunization, that is, the third dose has not been given.Wang Huaqing suggested that their health status should be truthfully reported to the vaccination doctors, and observation should be kept for 30 minutes after vaccination. When adverse reactions suspected to be related to vaccination occur, such as lasting for a long time and serious symptoms should be reported to the vaccination unit and timely medical treatment.”The data suggest that both homologous and sequential booster immunization can further improve immunity.”Wu liangyou called on eligible people to take the initiative and get vaccinated early.Source: Beijing Daily client, Xinhua News Agency this issue editor: An Yanjing

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