Watch out for Omicron, and get a booster shot for COVID-19 vaccine!Expert 11 questions 11 answers

What is a “booster shot” for COVID-19 vaccine?Are existing vaccines effective against the omicron variant?How do I get a booster shot?Where shall I play?Safe?…Sichuan disease control expert authority to answer 1 what is “strengthen needle”?Strengthen the needle, also called strengthen immune, produced by the immune prevention after vaccination has a certain time limit, after complete the basic immune after a certain time, the body immunity, in order to make the body to maintain strong immunity, need according to the different characteristics of immune vaccine timely vaccination again, this is to strengthen the immune.What are the targets of booster vaccination?According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, people aged 18 and over 6 months after full vaccination with inactivated vaccines provided by Sinopagic Zhongsheng Beijing Co., LTD. (including chengdu Institute, Lanzhou Institute, etc.), Sinopagic Sinopagic Wuhan Co., LTD. (Sinopagic Wuhan Co., LTD.) and adenovirus vector vaccines provided by Tianjin Concino Co., LTD.3 Which groups of people can not take booster shots?The contraindications for the booster dose of novel coronavirus vaccine are basically the same as those for basic immunization, which mainly include :(1) those who are allergic to the active ingredient of the vaccine, any inactive ingredient, substances used in the production process, or those who have been allergic to the same type of vaccine in the past;(2) Those who have experienced severe allergic reactions to vaccines in the past (such as acute allergic reactions, angoneeurotic edema, dyspnea, etc.);(3) patients with uncontrolled epilepsy and other serious neurological diseases (such as transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, demyelinating diseases, etc.);(4) a person who has a fever, or is suffering from an acute disease, or an acute episode of a chronic disease, or a serious and uncontrolled chronic disease;(5) Pregnant women.In this special emphasis, before the selection of inactivated vaccine or adenovirus vector vaccine in acute allergic reaction, as a contraindication behind cannot be vaccinated to strengthen the needle.Why the Novel Coronavirus vaccine “booster”?The best way to prevent COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.According to the research results at home and abroad, the complete inoculation of novel coronavirus vaccine has a significant effect in preventing severe illness and reducing mortality.However, after vaccination for a period of time, the protective effect of the vaccine on some people may be weakened, timely enhanced immunization can make the neutralizing antibodies that have been gradually reduced grow rapidly or rebound, so as to produce a better protective effect.Is the existing Novel coronavirus vaccine effective against the Omicron variant strain?Enhanced immunization based on existing vaccines is expected to retain good neutralization activity against the omicron variant strain.Faced with the Omicron variant, booster shots have become an option for more and more countries.Is it safe to vaccinate “booster”?According to the experts, combined with the results of the novel Coronavirus booster vaccine, the second or third dose of enhanced immunity remains as safe as the first and second dose, and neutralizing antibodies will increase rapidly.What vaccines are available for “booster” vaccination at this stage?At present, the vaccines that can be used for enhanced immunization include inactivated vaccines from Sinopac Beijing Co., LTD. (chengdu Institute, Lanzhou Institute, etc.), Sinopac Beijing Co., LTD., Sinopac Wuhan Co., LTD., and adenovirus vector vaccines from Tianjin Concino Co., LTD.How long is the interval between full immunization for the “booster” dose of the novel Coronavirus vaccine?At present, booster immunization is administered six months after completion of vaccination.That is, an interval of 6 months is generally required after the second dose of novel coronavirus inactivated vaccine before the booster dose can be administered again.Booster immunization was performed 6 months after adenovirus vector vaccination.9 How to choose the type of vaccine when administering “booster shot”?At this stage, booster immunization is performed with the original vaccine that has already been administered.Among them, those who have received two doses of the same novel coronavirus inactivated vaccine shall, in principle, receive one dose of the original inactivated vaccine for enhanced immunization;In principle, people who receive two doses of vaccine with different inactivated vaccines shall have priority to receive one dose of booster immunization with the same vaccine as the second dose of inactivated vaccine. If the supply of the same vaccine as the second dose cannot be continued, the same vaccine as the first dose of inactivated vaccine can be used for one dose of booster immunization;People vaccinated with adenovirus vector vaccine received booster immunization with the original vaccine.10 how to get the “booster shot” of COVID-19 vaccine?Where shall I play?In principle, people at high risk of infection and key positions to ensure the basic operation of society should be uniformly organized and implemented by all relevant units;Other groups can make an appointment for vaccination at the designated vaccination units under the jurisdiction.Specific vaccination information can be found in the official information released by the local health department or CDC.What are the precautions for “strengthening needle” vaccination?Before vaccination, according to the previous vaccination voucher, confirm whether you have been fully vaccinated and completed the whole vaccination for more than 6 months.During vaccination, they should bring their identification documents and vaccination certificates, and take personal protection according to local prevention and control requirements. They should cooperate with on-site vaccination staff to inquire.Inform your physician of any medical conditions you have had and any recent medications.After inoculation, observe for 30 minutes as required;Keep the skin clean and avoid scratching the site.Source: Sichuan Health Official Micro

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