Women out of wedlock series 2, Three Sisters, 1920, it was right to fill a house

Don’t tell me. Tian’s phone really reminded her.She should take care of my baby, be his mother.She realized that she still had a need to start a family, so she thought of Wu Hui.In addition to being the child’s father, Wu Hui was also in their company.In this way, sister’s painstaking efforts can also be retained and continued.Jie Zhong and Wayan are in charge of the factory, while she and Hui Wu are in charge of marketing and the hotel.There’s nothing left to be desired.The company belongs to everyone, and the kids are married.They worked together to raise their two children, and there was no gap between them.Besides, she is beautiful and young. She is the sister of Wu Hui’s ex-wife.Not worse than her sister, Wu Hui also happy.He was also handsome, and she was very pleased.My money won’t go out, and my second sister’s career won’t go away.The company will go far and wide.That was what the second sister wanted.No matter who they will give their careers to, they will not always belong to the Lu family.Mountain flower thought of here, looking at her brother-in-law’s face also red.In fact, the two have long been in the eye contact.I mean, no one’s going to crack the lid first.Besides, Wu Hui dared not and was embarrassed.Her sister was gone, and he wanted to show it.Doesn’t it look like bullying?She looked a little sorry for her sister.If she comes first, it’s another story.Mountain flower is so beautiful, that young, he is ten thousand promise.Waiting for her to reveal the truth first.Say, again is running to live up to the sweet.Bring up her children, that they may grow up, and inherit her business.Only since they both have this kind of heart, it seems more and more close.When wayan knew this, she was also pleased.Thinking not to let the fat waters flow out.In the future, no matter which child will have the blood of the Lv family.Not every one of the people out there came into their property.Lest the people should appear, and let them be behind them.Such as the people fu, and he divorced Shanhua, and then they form a family.Shan Hua and Wu Hui did as wayan suggested.They raised two children together.Love is like that beautiful spring, bud as long as the spring can still bloom.(Industry Yu, to be continued)

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