Antibiotic production wastewater treatment technology has become a new direction of wastewater resource utilization

Antibiotic is a great discovery in human history, which has been widely used in many fields such as medical treatment, effectively protecting human health.However, during the production and application of antibiotics, a large amount of organic wastewater containing antibiotics will be produced.The wastewater from the production of antibiotics with grain or molasses as the main raw material mainly comes from the process of separation, extraction and purification of highly concentrated organic wastewater.COD and ammonia nitrogen are the main pollutants in the wastewater. The wastewater contains high salt content, a certain amount of sulfate and a small amount of biological inhibitors.Antibiotic wastewater is difficult to treat because of its complex water quality and great influence on water environment.According to the mechanism, the traditional treatment technology of antibiotic production wastewater can be divided into physicochemical method, anaerobic biochemical method, aerobic biochemical method and related combination technology.However, the traditional wastewater treatment process can not completely remove drug residues in antibiotic wastewater, which leads to some environmental and safety problems.Wastout microwave multi-effect filtration technology and Neterfo extreme separation technology are used for in-depth treatment of antibiotic wastewater, which solves the problems of high treatment cost and difficult degradation of organic matter, and at the same time realizes recycling of water resources and near zero discharge.Wastout’s microwave multi-effect filtration technology is highly integrated and takes up only one-twentieth the area of a sedimentation tank.Neterfo extreme separation technology maintains high recovery rates and high resistance to contamination in high TDS stages.The subsequent evaporation/crystallization load is low, and the reuse of antibiotic wastewater is realized.As a circular economy system, antibiotic wastewater recycling treatment can save a lot of sewage charges and protect the environment.At the same time, it also provides high quality water for the production process of enterprises.A lot of study of antibiotic production wastewater treatment have been reported, but because of the diversity of antibiotic industry raw material and process, the wastewater quality difference is very big, so there is no mature and unification of antibiotic production wastewater treatment method, the current development of economic and efficient composite water treatment device is a problem to be solved.At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the research on cleaner production. In the pretreatment stage, it is necessary to consider whether the waste water has the value of recycling and the appropriate way, so as to achieve the unification of economic benefits and environmental benefits.

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