Can the metaverse also fire houses?Will there be a “take over man”?

All of a sudden, the idea of the metasverse became very popular, and it seemed to be associated with a lot of industries.Since the recent period, the unique yuan Universe also began to heat up to fry the house, in some platform, a virtual land, patted a day price of 32 million yuan, really amazing people.One, the rise of the yuan Universe real estate speculation, a virtual land speculation to tens of millions according to the CCTV finance and Economics “Zhengdian Finance” column report, in view of this matter, interviewed a game from the media practitioners Mr. District, he has a little scale of the market for several yuan universe platform, have experienced, is very familiar with.In the virtual platform, the purchase of houses, also divided into downtown, suburban areas, bustling areas in the downtown, virtual buildings tall and beautiful, fascinating, while suburban real estate, is relatively ordinary.This is basically consistent with the actual distribution of buildings in urban areas.Cloning and optimization of the real world seems to be the way forward in the metasverse.The original intention of the meta-universe is to build a virtual space connected with the real world based on the Internet through the means of network technology.Now on the market, early start foreign yuan universe platform, show in front of us, is close to a social nature of online games, because is still in the early stage of development, it can operate, can play the project, not how much, and established good concept, and the larger a gap, there is still a long way to go.In the meta-universe, real estate speculation, land speculation, the gameplay is like this, players through regular transactions, to obtain their own land, can build various types of buildings on it, can be their own company, can also be a personalized museum, can also be residential.For the house to buy, can be virtual self, can also be an office operation.More players, to participate in the universe of speculation and speculation, not to use, but to follow the trend, bought aside, as the real world, waiting for the appreciation of the land building, to the time to resale, earn price difference.In December 2021, Sandbox, a foreign meta-universe platform, held an auction of virtual land with a price of about 32 million yuan, which is the highest price of land in the virtual space at present. Therefore, it has aroused public attention and become a hot topic.Second, there will be risks in real estate speculation in the meta-universe, and it is inevitable that there will be “Take-up knight” virtual real estate investment transactions, which have been accepted by many people.One is engaged in the yuan universe platform trading speculators believe that the yuan universe from a long-term point of view, should be the development of the general trend, early there will be a certain dividend, you can participate in, store some houses and land, perhaps which year hot up, broke out, can appreciate to earn a sum of money.This year’s Spring Festival Gala, Shen Teng’s “dog in the meta-universe” hot discussion, many people think, even the dog can be traded in the inside, so more new draught, is also worth to “flip”.Meta-universe real estate transactions in the concept of hot market, appears more and more hot, there have been a lot of frequency of high bid.The price of real estate in the virtual world is actually higher than that of some big cities in the real world, which is really amazing.After all, it’s real money. Is there any risk involved?To answer such questions, we need to understand the core technology of virtual trading.At present, the core technology of the metasurverse is commonly known as NFT, which is a digital asset based on block chain. Each piece of virtual transaction digital asset has its property ownership and unchangeable flow record, with unique characteristics.This is very similar to real estate speculation in the real world, which is based on the “scarcity” to generate the differentiated value of each plot.Decentraland, a virtual platform, claims only 90,000 blocks have been designed to ensure the “scarcity” of the “land” and no additional blocks will be added.With NFT as the technical support, and the property can also achieve “unique”, it all sounds very attractive, many people want to move.So, is there no risk involved?According to the industry, all of these assumptions are based on the expectation of a better market in the future, under the ideal condition that the metasomes continue to grow.This does not deny that in the future, individual metasurverse platforms will also suffer from traffic decline or attention loss, and the players who enter will fail to follow, so the value of the virtual property invested in will be greatly reduced, and may even fall to the bottom.Three-dimensional universe, is at the early stage of development, and is far from mature and engaged in the Internet media Mr Yang believes that the uniqueness of NFT just confirmed the assets themselves, but the basic NFT yuan the universe to be more people to know, you need to have good publicity channels, and buyers are involved, is blended in among them, strengthen team, can let its value rise unceasingly, more valuable.Generally speaking, the meta-universe platform is still in the early stage of development, is far from mature, buying real estate in it, and buying props in the same game, in essence, is almost the same, real estate speculation is just like the speculation of virtual currency, the essence is not much different.At present, the market of the metasurverse platform is also increasing, due to its own limitations, any rental lots issued by it can not be called the real “scarcity”, the so-called “scarcity” only exists in this platform.So, just like beating a drum to spread flowers, more people need to be continuously involved in order to make its value continue to rise.At present, the meta-universe is still a new thing, although it has a set of technical system as support, but the society has not issued relevant industry standards, in such a virtual space, if there is a risk or problem, if the platform is beyond the ability to solve the risk, you have to bear the risk.However, we do not deny the future prospects of the meta-universe, the rules are established step by step, believe that the future of the meta-universe, luxuriant tomorrow, can truly become the public’s spiritual habitat, the harbor of value investment.

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