HICOOL’s winning project “Ji Zhan Science and Technology” helps Chinese athletes in winter Olympics

On February 4, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened, like a visual feast, the perfect combination of art and technology once again draws the world’s attention to China.In this winter ice and snow sports event attracting worldwide attention, the audience and athletes not only felt the amazing opening ceremony and the excitement of the competition, but also felt the Winter Olympic Games full of science and technology elements in an all-round way.Clothing, food, housing, transportation, performance, competition, security…Bright spots of technological innovation are almost ubiquitous.Today, I’m going to share with you a shoe that can heat up at this Winter Olympic Games. This eye-catching “black technology” is from HICOOL 2020 (first) Global Entrepreneurship Competition winner — Geizhang Technology.The founding team of Jizan Technology are all Tsinghua alumni and overseas doctors with strong research and development capabilities in the field of flexible electronics. In 2020, they signed up for HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition and successfully won the third prize.Jechang technology focuses on the design and manufacture of flexible stretchable electronic devices. In cooperation with Anta, the flexible batteries and elastic heating plates developed and produced in this Winter Olympics can provide thermal insulation effect for 2.5-5 hours in the snow of minus 25℃, so that athletes’ feet can not fear the cold of snow and ice.Ji Exhibition technology founder He Lei difficult to hide the joy of the heart can not help but sigh with emotion, “the whole research and development of 2 years of winter Olympic athletes can finally put on this pair of boots for the country win glory!”The secret to waterproof, soft and low-temperature resistance is the flexible battery. From the appearance of the shoe, there is no sign of battery.He Lei pointed to the upper of the shoe, I saw a device with anta lights around the shoe, this is the flexible battery developed by Ji Exhibition technology production, weight only more than 100 grams.”The battery can be bent at will, installed on the shoe no foreign body feeling, buckle magnetic suction buckle, through the elastic wire can be connected to the elastic heating plate inside the shoe.Push the switch button and the heating plate will continue to heat.”The switch also has a three-speed temperature adjustment, from 38 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius, providing 2.5 to five hours of heat insulation in snow at minus 25 degrees Celsius, He said.Flexible batteries are the key to heating shoes.”Our company is the only supplier of flexible batteries with large battery capacity, which can reach 1000mah to 20,000mah.That’s one of the reasons anta chose to work with us.”According to He lei, the extremely flexible battery can not only bend, fold and stretch, but also design multiple layers of safety protection. The battery is not only soft and safe, but also waterproof, so shoes do not have to worry about walking in the snow for a long time.Inside the shoes, the heating part comes from another core product — elastic heating plate.He Lei took out a sample heater.If not specifically pointed out, regardless of thickness or touch, and ordinary elastic fabric.But in reality, they are filled with stretchable conductive materials that can be plugged into a power supply.”When you make shoes, you need to stretch them and shape them.Normal heating plate circuits cannot withstand tensile forces and break, but our product works stably under tensile conditions.”He lei said that in addition to producing heating shoes in cooperation with Anta, intelligent heating kneepads and socks independently developed by Jizhan technology were also provided to volunteers as accessories for the Winter Olympics.At present, Jizhan technology has obtained the exclusive patents of washable elastic distribution wire technology, elastic wire technology, non-inductive fitting electronic module for clothing, etc., to achieve the flexibility and elasticity of electronic parts, and corrosion resistance, washable.The technology has been used in heating socks, underwear, gloves and other close-fitting accessories.The function has expanded from basic heating to luminescence, display, micro-current stimulation and various intelligent health monitoring.”The Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a sports event, but also an event of technological innovation and application.From preparation to hosting, the concept of “high-tech Olympics” runs through the whole process.”Digital media, intelligent communication, artificial intelligence, biological medicine, virtual reality, digital twins, wisdom, health, urban transportation, wisdom and energy saving technology, robots, new materials, new energy,” the scientific and technological achievements such as involving every aspect of production and living, and these areas is also precisely HICOOL global entrepreneurship competition for more than two years has been to focus on niche track,Many Excellent HICOOL projects have outstanding technical and scientific achievements in these fields. Let us look forward to more projects exerting their potential and injecting new impetus into future scientific and technological development!At the same time, recruitment for HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneurship Competition is also in full swing, welcome global quality projects to register!HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneurship Competition registration channel: www.hicool.com

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