Hefei Shushan District released the first batch of 22 preferential enterprise policy lists

In the past, some enterprises or individuals have reached the standard of policy awards, but they must go to the relevant departments to declare, in order to enjoy the policy funds.And in February 20 held in Hefei Shushan district to improve the style of environment and “double recruitment double introduction” conference, the area released the “free to enjoy” preferential enterprise policy list, to achieve the home can enjoy policy funds “send”, so as to enhance the satisfaction of market subjects.”Free from application and enjoy” is a policy that government departments implement by optimizing services, information sharing and other ways, to exempt qualified enterprises and individuals from reporting, and directly enjoy the policy.Policy implementation adopts the “no sense of approval, automatic payment” way, simplify the policy cash process, so that individuals who meet the requirements of the enterprise can enjoy the policy funds “delivered to the door”.”‘ free from application, enjoy ‘, changed the past enterprise door-to-door policy, into the government will take the initiative to send policies to the door, policy cash zero procedure, to achieve the government work process reengineering, is also to change the style, the optimal environment, for the enterprise to help practical matters, to further enhance the sense of enterprise gain a measure.”.Shushan district concerned person in charge said.This time, the first batch of preferential enterprise policy “no claim, enjoy” list includes 22 preferential enterprise contents in 10 departments.Including strengthening the construction of scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship carrier, introduce and cultivate high level research and development institutions, encourage innovation main body to carry out the invention, support big determination data enterprises, increase financial support, introduce and cultivate high level research and development institutions, encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, foster specialization, “new” enterprises, support enterprises technical innovation, support for digital applications, encourage credit demonstration district constructionOptimize the development environment of environmental industry, support the development of construction industry, accelerate the construction of human resources service industrial park, support the development of service outsourcing industry, etc.For example, the policy object of “encouraging innovation subjects to develop invention and creation” is “scientific research institutions, enterprises and individuals”, and it is stipulated that “150,000 yuan per invention patent granted in the same year will be awarded;A one-time reward of RMB 500,000 will be given to the national intellectual property service brand cultivation institutions approved in the same year “.This means that if an individual is granted an invention patent, there is no need to make any declaration, and the relevant departments of Shushan District will take the initiative to contact the “inventor” or unit and provide incentive funds.For this innovation, many participating enterprises also expressed recognition.”Enterprises do not need to submit materials, stay at home to enjoy the support funds, which improves the policy service convenience, the policy dividend ‘directly enjoy’ to send to the door, minimizing the time and labor costs of enterprises.”Anhui new realm automation technology Co., Ltd. chairman and general manager Yin Jie said.It is understood that after the launch of the “free and enjoy” service, the first list of cash funds will be released one week after the announcement, and the second and more batches of the list will be released in succession to better play the role of policy funds performance.In addition, on the same day, the shushan District to improve the style of environment and “double recruitment and double introduction” conference, Shushan district also fully launched the “Spring Festival to visit thousands of enterprises, help solve problems” activities, district leaders will go into the front line of enterprises, in the form of research, visit, send policies, send services, rescue and solve difficulties for enterprises.On the same day, shushan district also awarded the top 10 enterprises in the service industry, construction industry, business and trade, as well as the top 10 enterprises and individuals in the field of specialization and innovation in science and technology.Li Lingli, Liu Yaping, Xin ‘an Evening News, Anhui Network, Anhui News reporter xiang Lei source: Anhui network

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