In 2005, xingyang Public Security Bureau arrested a suspicious man, unexpectedly involved in a shocking case of injustice

On January 17, 2005, henan Xingyang Public Security Bureau Suohe Road police station in the local arrested a suspicious man.The man claimed to be Wang Yongjun, a native of Guangping County in Handan.However, after the police on household registration after comparison found handan City guangping county and no wang Yongjun, not only that, the man has not been back home for ten years, and this is obviously not in line with the general law, so the police with questions dialed Handan City Guangping County public Security Bureau deputy director Zheng Chengyue telephone.Did not expect this one phone to play in the past unexpectedly dragged out a 10 years ago murder case, that is a rape murder case, and Zheng Chengyue is just the police in charge of the case in those days.When Zheng Chengyue was investigating the case, he went door to door, but when he found a man named Wang Shujin, the man disappeared directly. Later, Zheng Chengyue reported and issued a wanted notice at the first time, but because of the limited conditions at that time, Wang Shujin still disappeared in the vast sea of people.Although ten years have passed, Zheng Xinyue can still accurately recall various features of Wang Shujin: for example, he is 1.7 meters tall, and there is a curved scar on his right eye caused by a car accident. What are the names of his brother and father…..I’m afraid Wang Shujin doesn’t know as much as he does.So in this case, the man on the other end of the phone directly admitted the fact that he was Wang Shujin, but the matter was far from over. When Zheng Xinyue and his party arrived there, Wang Shujin confessed that he had raped five women and killed four of them.The case is suspicious, the old mother for the son of 21 years in this way, Zheng Xinyue immediately took Wang Shujin to the place where the crime was identified, the first three cases were very smooth, but when the last case was an accident.The final case happened in Luquan county, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province, so Zheng immediately went to the local police bureau.However, what they did not expect is that the investigation has not yet begun to encounter difficulties, the local public security bureau heard the purpose of their trip directly refused to assist.Zheng Xinyue had to come to the village in the village cadres under the leadership of the investigation, so Wang Shujin according to their own memory one by one identified the scene, and finally when he will accurately finger to a piece of corn, the village cadres directly said a: bad, bad.How could a spot I.D. ruin anything?Zheng Crescent moon asked suspiciously.But then the village official surprised everyone by saying that the case had been solved ten years earlier and the murderer had been executed that year.It was a shock to everyone, because it meant that the man who had been shot might not have been the killer after all.And how does that work?It all started ten years ago.On August 10, 1994 at 4 PM 10 points, four suburbs of shijiazhuang city public security bureau bureau branch office work huang a got a call from the policemen leave camp wang mou a report that the father of the missing person Kang Juhua Kang Mengdong in corn field weed pile hole village village northwest found Kang Juhua clothes, suspects have been killed, then to the police station.Then the police station asked the sub-bureau to send officers to check.Investigators rushed to the spot where the clothes were found and searched the area.Because of the size of the cornfield and the growing darkness, investigators found neither bodies nor evidence.And the second day public security personnel and local masses altogether more than 100 people, conduct dragnet type search.That cornfield is located in the northwest of Kongzhai Village, south of Xinhua West Road.There is a north-south field road with a length of more than 500 meters connected with Xinhua West Road, turn right to the south before kongzhai Village.The road is 3 meters wide, with corn fields on both sides of the north section and vegetable fields on both sides of the south section.After more than three hours of searching, a body was found in a cornfield 204 meters south of Xinhua Road and 15 meters east of a field path. Bicycles, keys, shoes and other items were later found nearby.But by this time, the body was highly corrupt, but those items were identified by Kang’s family and identified as kang’s belongings.Accordingly, investigators determined that the dead is Kang Chrysanthemum.Then the forensic medical examiner according to the scene to judge Kang Chrysanthemum root suffered infringement before death, so the preliminary judgment of the forensic medical examiner this is a rape and murder case.However, from the corpse at this time has not found any evidence to prove the identity of the murderer, so the police had to carry out around the row of inquiry, they finally from the villagers to confirm the suspect is the same as the village of a young man called Nie Shubin.They soon arrested Nie Shubin, and then the case began to accelerate. From the trial and prosecution to the final execution, this series of procedures was completed in less than half a year.But nie Shubin on the other side of the family did not know that Nie Shubin had been executed, until nie Shubin’s mother Zhang Huanzhi asked himself to know the tragic news.But now, ten years later, zhang huanzhi was told that her son might have been wronged, which aroused her determination to seek justice for her son, because she had always believed nie shubin was wronged.First of all, Nie Shubin has been an introverted child in her heart, and before not to say murder even called him to kill a chicken he did not dare.The second is that ten years later, the family has not received a verdict.Finally is the fact that Wang Shujin confessed after the arrest.These three add up to appear more suspicious of the case, so Zhang Huanzhi found a lawyer Li Shuting, want him to help represent the case.So they set foot on the road to redress the case for 21 years.And it’s taking so long because there are so many complicated factors that come together.The first problem is that there is no appeal.Because nie Shubin’s case was already the final judgment, and because Zhang Huanzhi did not have the judgment, even if she petitioned, no one would accept it.The second is the abnormal behavior of the local police. I have mentioned before that even the police like Zheng Xinyue who went to investigate the case seriously were rejected, let alone Zhang Huanzhi.But the more evasive the local police, the more suspicious it becomes: what are they hiding?But soon there appeared a newspaper report titled “Two Criminals in one case, Who is the real murderer”, which aroused great repercustion in the society at once, and finally the case came to the Supreme Court.Therefore, on December 12, 2014, the Supreme Court of China ordered the Higher People’s Court of Shandong Province to review nie Shubin’s case. At this point, nie Shubin’s case finally emerged.It was not a matter of consequence, however, for a host of important suspicions soon arose.Among them the biggest doubt is nie Shubin’s confession.The investigation found that Nie Shubin had been interrogated for 10 days and 11 nights, and the confession of the first five days had disappeared.Secondly, there were too many inconsistencies in Nie Shubin’s confession. For example, he did not admit that he committed the crime at the very beginning, and he could not give any clues related to the case at all.However, nie Shubin did a 180 degree reversal in his confession a few days later. He not only admitted to the crime, but also recalled all the details clearly.And then Nie Shubin once inmates also provided some clues, according to them said Nie Shubin every time back to the cell covered with injuries, and he also told them that they were forced to do squat, and they did not let him sleep and so on.On the other side of nie Shubin’s attendance sheet when he worked in the factory was also missing. In addition, the testimony of many witnesses within 50 days before and after the incident was also mysteriously missing.Therefore, the above evidence does not prove that Nie Shubin is the murderer.On December 2, 2016, nie shubin was acquitted by the Second Circuit Court of China’s Supreme Court for lack of evidence.Thus nie Shubin’s case was finally vilified after 21 years, and Zhang Huanzhi finally received a total of 2.68 million yuan in state compensation.But now Zhang Huanzhi is not happy because her son will never come back.At the same time, we can hardly imagine how nie Shubin was wronged and despaired when he was executed.Perhaps the only thing we can do is hope that there will not be another Nie Shubin.

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