What if the quarantined red and yellow code people go out to gather?The Loudi 12345 hotline lists the epidems-related issues that citizens are most concerned about

Loudi News (Reporter: Liu Jian ‘an, Li Jingfang, correspondent: Zhang Donghong) At present, the epidemic situation is severe, and the electricity of the convenience hotline 12345 of government service in Loudi city has increased sharply.In response, Loudi city 12345 government service convenience hotline has sorted out the epidemic related issues most concerned by the public.In this issue, consultation will be issued on the issues related to epidemic prevention and control, such as whether the red-and-yellow code quarantined people gather outside and whether the quarantined hotels are full.Citizen: what if isolated red and yellow code personnel go out to gather?Quarantined red and yellow code personnel are prohibited to go out, during the quarantine period, one person to a room.If you find such cases, you can report them to the local county/urban area epidemic prevention and control headquarters (12345 Convenience hotline for government service, public Security 110 is the hotline for collecting and accepting clues on prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic in the city).At the same time, since March 20, Loudi COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters has issued a notice on soliciting clues on COVID-19 prevention and control and offering rewards, soliciting clues from the general public and rewarding those who provide clues according to the situation.Citizen: Is the quarantine hotel full?Sometimes the telephone of the city and district epidemic prevention headquarters cannot be connected?1. Dynamic management of quarantined personnel is implemented. When newly quarantined personnel are added, there are also quarantined personnel who meet the requirements.At present, the counties and urban areas are further strengthening the adjustment of isolation hotels, such as Louxing District added a new isolation hotel, 200 beds, basically solved the problem of red and yellow code personnel without room isolation.2, at present, because of the outbreak, repeatedly in sporadic outbreaks around the country, there are multiple trend gradually, consulting the epidemic prevention and control policy, more and more, epidemic prevention headquarters office only 500 or so to answer the phone every day, on average less than 3 minutes to pick up a, lead to office telephone dozen don’t in busy time much more special, citizens are friends, please patience to wait, to play a few times more.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original

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