Who is writing the good script?

Now thousands of truck drivers in the United States are following suit. It is very big. Today, we have arrived in Ottawa, and the baby potato has said that she has contracted novel coronavirus.Basically, hiding. They say the family fled Ottawa.He said before the group of the truck driver is “a handful marginal figures,” said he is black, and even this help the truck driver was racial activists and terrorists, etc. Now look at all no matter use, Canadian people took to the streets in pouring, cheer together, is to fuck off, this guy looks like small potatoes mix is not long, should soon will step down.This thing is very big, I sent you a figure is likely to feel the atmosphere that the people and the victory of justice, but it is said that “the simpsons” in a 1999 sets, and forecast the matter, I have seen this video, is indeed a trucker strike, and is, indeed, look like small potatoes, Canada’s prime minister, scared to climb out from the office window to this video,I don’t know how to download it, but I’ve got a few pictures. Take a look and get a feel for them:I never specific textual research, it is on, but look at, like, really, of course, if it is true, it is no wonder, for the publication of “the simpsons” cartoon company boss is top masonic master so it looks like a powerful advance good script, was not a specific function or the paranormal, everybody early memories down again,Flynn and Lindell, among others, asked Americans to stock up on supplies and survive for a month. Now the truckers are on strike, which seems to be premeditated. Think about it.The prior aside, the New York police yesterday for a 22 dead white policeman make a memorial service, are involved in all of New York City police, scene to frighten dead, you look at the following pictures of dead white police widow said in a eulogy, and now, even the police don’t feel safe, then who else think is safe?Yes, black life and health law roaming the streets, killing people is not illegal, zero yuan buy no jail time, but you kill a black man, I’m sorry, not to mention the lawsuit, but also by cancer media for racial discrimination spray death…This big demonstration is for the Democrats to see who is behind this police demonstration?Who wants to kill a white cop to hold the Democrats hostage?One more thing, trump held a crowd meeting today, where, as usual, he started by yelling at Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, the criminal politicians who have done this country a disservice, and then said, “This is the year we take back the House.”We will take back the Senate, and we will take back America.In 2024, we will take back that beautiful, beautiful house, which happens to be white, which is so magnificent, we all love it.We’re going to take back the White House.”?????????”It has always been said that 2024 is impossible unless 2020 is solved.You got killed by a voting machine once, what makes you think you can win again?Did you solve the 20204 mail-in ballot and ballot machine problems?You’re asking me how I feel?I think, the whole event, are likely to be in accordance with the illuminati to formulate a good script: acting evil dry for four years, will be a second popularization in place, then the dead enough, the light of old creditors all die about, then justice power, will be bad people on trial, again in a new play, continue to come.No matter what you choose, it turns out that the illuminati elders have been playing the game of left and right hand hubo…I think it doesn’t matter, as long as I give you a way to live, I’m afraid there will be no way to live, and the script will be the end of the world

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