Xinhua review: respect the elderly filial piety, pass on the torch

The Spring Festival is a journey of respecting the elderly and filial piety. The “end” of the journey is home, parents, relatives, and the boiling point of emotions and feelings.”Filial piety is the foundation of virtue and the foundation of education.”In Chinese values, respect for the elderly and filial piety is the first step of virtue.Going home for the Spring Festival is a kind of filial piety.Busy for a year, on New Year’s Eve, the family eat dinner together, stay up together, chat together, enjoy the happiness of the family, the beauty of life.Home is the smallest country, the country is ten million.Filial piety and loyalty to the country are fine traditions of the Chinese nation. They have long been imprinted in the hearts and veins of the Chinese people. They are an important spiritual force that sustains the Chinese nation from generation to generation.The strength of thousands of “jiahe” converges into a powerful spiritual power, providing a steady stream of positive energy for the country and society.This energy is huge, amazing and indestructible. It gives the Chinese people the confidence and confidence to overcome any difficulties.”Company is the longest confession of love.”Parents in, home in, the root in, the taste of the New Year in.There is no road in the world like the Way home for the Chinese People during the Spring Festival. Although it is a long way to pass, it will eventually reach the destination.As the Spring Festival holiday comes to an end, many people have to say goodbye to their parents and relatives and head back home.At this time, many people filled their luggage with local specialties of their hometown.However, no matter how big the space is, it can not hold the heavy love of parents;Weight again heavy, but also than the parents of the real love.The foundation of the world is in the country, the country is at home.To the Chinese, filial piety and gratitude are spiritual and genetic distillation.Each of us, over and over again, generation after generation, deeply recreate the human spirit and cultural genes of Spring Festival.

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