Ligue 1 intelligence: Angers vs Saint-Etienne, angers main absence!St Etienne are fighting relegation

Angers vs Saint-Etienne ligue 1 101 Time: 1-27 02:00 Beijing time on January 27, 2022, round 20 of the Ligue 1 match between Angers and Saint-Etienne at home will take place on time.One of the most interesting aspects of the game is: Can Angers score three points against vice president Saint-Etienne, who have lost most of their players?The Secret Service brings you first-hand information from both sides overseas below.Angers coach Matthias Baticler had to cope with the absence of a number of key players, including the suspended Dunbiah side,The injuries of Thomas (2 goals in 19 games), Qiu (2 goals in 20 games) and benocom (2 goals in 18 games), ebbers (13 games), Bofar (5 goals and 3 assists in 18 games) and Oenahi (2 goals in 19 games) are two ebbers on international duty.Angers’ offensive line was missing, but the team also had two players recovering from injury, namely reserve forward Lakhdar Brahimi (1 help in 8 games) and key midfielder Kabo (4 help in 20 games).Saint-etienne goalkeeper Bernardoni, who has just joined the club from Angers, insists he can stay in Ligue 1 after their 1-0 defeat to Lyon.Bernardoni, who has been angers’ first choice goalkeeper this season, is set to face his former club after joining Saint-Etienne during the winter.At present St Etienne are bottom of the league, relegation situation is not optimistic.Despite bringing in five players for the winter window, st Etienne coach Claude Dupla is not satisfied and wants at least two more frontcourt players to boost his side’s chances of surviving relegation.Fundamentals Angers has won 1 win and drawn 1 in the last 2 rounds of the league, and currently ranks in the middle of the French League table.St Etienne are currently bottom of the Ligue 1 table after seven consecutive league defeats;Saint-etienne are the worst team in Ligue 1 with a goal scored against goal ratio of 18:43 in 21 matches this season.The two sides drew 2-2 in the first leg of the season.Angers won 2, drew 2 and lost 1.The two sides have scored in five of their last nine games in all competitions.Saint-etienne are currently Mired in the relegation zone, the team is in a slump to win, compared to angers in a better situation, this game is good for Angers.As a result, the Secret Service believes angers won.For more highlights, check out the Secret Service

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