Modern poetry in imitation of nostalgia

Homesickness is a warm sweater worn at one end and woven at the other.After I went to school, MY homesickness was a shallow brook where I stood at the end and mother was at the source. Growing up, IT was a piece of distant flute music, played by him at the other end and listened to by me at the other.Homesickness is the sweet earthy scent in the air after a rain when the sky is clear.Homesickness is the bright moon in the pond, unreachable but arousing.Missing is a running river that never dries up and never stops. Missing is a fluttering willow that ripples with the wind. Missing is a blazing fire that illuminates people’s hearts.It is said that homesickness is a kind of emotion which is born with you.I am not a wanderer away from home, nor am I so sentimental, but I cannot restrain the stirring of my homesickness in my heart. I always want to restore the original appearance of my hometown in my mind, and fix it firmly, and carry it in my heart every day.So that I could find her again, even if the ever-changing world were to devour my memories of home.It has been many years since I left my hometown. I can see it faintly in my dream.Hometown sky high air qing, plain open, to the field garden, opened you, suddenly see Weishan Lake Ludang, ripples ripples ripples, such as a group of koi cruising.Late autumn Weishan lake, lotus root foot fat, lake fisherman, each support wood zhao, deep in the lake to pick it.When the sun goes down, they return to the hut with miscellaneous fish and shrimp. They come back to the hut at night, surround the stove with their families, cook the wine lamp, cook fresh and relax themselves, talk and laugh at sangma, and rejoice in the wind.My homesickness is a winding river and the far-off lights.Is colourful in the festival, Spring Festival couplets thriving of firecrackers, sunset the Japanese scholar of old well, old curtilage, is secretly glowing bellows, hearth, is qingming rain, the Mid-Autumn moon, is the early winter villages and fields, light snow, snow boundless, is ancient alluvial layers of frost, the lattice, large and small, lingering.

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