Declaration of the imperiousness of each dynasty in ancient China

Zhou dynasty under the king’s land, land of the king’s ministers.King Wen of Zhou and Qin fought together with the old Qin, and vowed no truce without blood flowing dry.– Battle Hymn of the State of Qin Qin Shihuang Han Dynasty Wherever the sun and the moon shine, wherever the rivers run, it is han soil.– Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty Whoever commits a crime against a strong Han dynasty is bound to be punished.– Chen Tang Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty If there were three kingdoms, there would be no one alone in the world. I don’t know how many people would declare themselves emperor or king.Sui Dynasty quartet Hu Lu, who dare to commit, will destroy its country, destroy its species, and never its descendants.The Emperor wendi of Sui and tang dynasties, all who dared to join the army, were killed.In song Dynasty, the whole world was a family, sleeping on the side of the bed, not allowing others to sleep.– Zhao Kuangyin The Yuan Dynasty There was no better place for a state than a tomb.In the Ming Dynasty, Tiemuzhen did not make peace with relatives, pay tribute, honor ministers, or pay reparations. The emperor guarded his country and the emperor died.Zhu Yuanzhang Qing Dynasty on the country, rich, everything, the original do not borrow foreign yi to have.Qianlong Emperor of the Republic of China one inch of mountains and rivers, one inch of blood, one hundred thousand young men and one hundred thousand soldiers.Sun yat-sen,

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